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Happy December 1! After I completed my last post, I wandered out to the kitchen to find a snack. Sincerely trying to cut back on prepared and junk foods that find their way into my life at this time of year, I’ve avoided any of the sales on Kettle Chips since I can polish off a bag in one sitting. I know, shame on me.

As a result I loaded up on assorted fruits in various colors and put them all in a bowl upon returning home. When I looked through the gems sitting in the bowl, it hit me, I had forgotten to mention another of the “once-a-year-treats”. Persimmons.



Specifically Fuyu vs. Hachiya The Fuyus can be eaten like apples from the hand and I love their wonderful crisp bite and smooth semi-sweet taste. They’re also a cheery orange color which means beta-carotene. But there’s so much more. Just look at this link. They’re little nutrition powerhouses for only 70 calories each.

To be honest, I hadn’t tasted one EVER until four years ago when a friend with a tree brought some into work. I was seriously hooked. Again, I have to fill up on these due to the limited window of availability. If you haven’t tried one, I truly suggest that like the Seckel pear, you do. They are one of a kind treats and very good for you! Even Blue likes them. He has good taste, he likes the Seckel pears too.

Haven’t tasted the Hachiya type yet, I seem to be stuck on the Fuyus. They have a flat bottom and squat shape while the other kind is an elongated oval. The Hachiya are also puckeringly tart unless very ripe and are thought of as “baking” persimmons since they are peeled and their silky ripe pulp added to baked goods. They add “stable moisture and a mild pumpkin-like flavor to cakes, puddings, and other treats“.

Photo Source

Photo Source

Interestingly, unlike what one sees in the grocery store pricing-wise on Seckels, persimmons this week alone varied from $2.50 EACH (!) to $0.59 each, depending on the store. Trader Joe’s were the most reasonable. None were organic that I could tell. Don’t get the vast difference in prices. Anyhow, I am currently in delightful possession of ten of these sunny jewels. Yummmmm….

Just so you know, do keep the fuyus in the fridge till you feel like a snack since they will ripen but often the skin will stay taut like the one today. Bit into it and after crunching through the skin sunk swiftly into mush. Out that went. Hope it was one of the 59 cent ones! If you haven’t tried these, you should, like me, you might be happily surprised.

Note:  Do not put apples or bananas in a bowl with other fruits because they release high levels of ethylene gas which will speed the ripening and spoilage of all the other fruits in the dish.

Case in point, after the giant windstorm last December, the neighbor behind me suddenly had 80 avocados on the ground. She wanted to use some to make guacamole for company but they weren’t ripe. I told her about the amazing little apple (or banana) and suggested she toss a few avos in a brown bag with an apple. Sadly, she put about 50 of them in the bag vs. a few and wound up with 50 ripe avos. They had to be used up within a day or two so she gave three or four away to each guest as they left!

12/2/12 Catalog this under “who knew?”. Apparently there are four types of persimmons. You can read about them by clicking that link to Shockingly Delicious!