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On Sunday, I had to let an appraiser in to value the property. The landlady had called and told me they were refinancing the property since they found a really low rate and the landlord’s credit was excellent. Semi-seriously I asked if this meant the rent would be going down. Silence at the other end of the phone. The answer was “no”.

Now, I’ve re-habbed quite a few homes in my short life and have a fair idea of square footage just by feel in a space. This rental was advertised as 900 square feet. Never, ever believed it was 900, more like 750 or less. Well, while the appraiser was here I asked him about the 900 number and he said that no, it was 650 to 675 square feet. I knew it!

Well, it’s Tuesday and the whole square footage reveal is still bothering me. I feel taken advantage of, lied to. Makes me want to hunt down a new rental but if I’m going to up and move, I really need to move out of this state. It’s so expensive to live here and with a sales tax of 10.25% in certain areas it’s become a real rip-off for what you get. If I had to buy a new/used car, I’d have to go out of state to do it. Can you imagine the sales tax on $15,000 to $30,000? (Here, I’ll do the math for you…that’s $1,500 to $3,000 extra!)

This may light a fire under me to start researching other states again. There are however, several problems with this. First my limited mobility, courtesy of my knee. Next, the idea of making new friends in a new area. Since my knee limits what I can do, this is a problem in the arena of job-hunting.

Then there’s the fact that I have no relatives except my idiot brother on the East coast

Rusty (from a past post)

Rusty (from a past post)

whose wife has made it abundantly clear she wants nothing to do with me. Part of me thinks I’d cramp her size 0 NYC image of herself. She has always bought and worn designer clothes, I don’t. I’m sure I’d embarrass her. This is her working around the house outfit.

I always were jewelry when gardening. Don't you?

My SIL. I’m always well-coiffed and wear jewelry when gardening. Don’t you?

I mean, think about it, their daughter, my only niece has lived in LA for almost a year now and I know that my bro and the witch his wife always help the kids move so they had to fly out here at least once. But does anyone visit me, invite me over, call or even email? No. So that’s hard. Okay, I’ve had my little snit-fit for the day. Sorry.

Don’t know what to do. The only thing keeping me here is the weather in fall, winter and spring. Plus a few friends I can call in an emergency. It’s a tough decision. It’s not like I need a gaggle of friends, being creative, I am easily entertained. My mom always used to say she could put me at a table with paper and crayons and I’d be entertained for hours.

Yesterday I checked in at Andrea’s blog, Under a Blue Moon. She’d taken a break from blogging for a few months and she was suddenly back. Turns out she and her husband, after having spent a lot of time and money fluffing up their house, decided to put it up for sale to see what would happen. They even included her chickens and the chicken coop or “palais” as she refers to it.

Surprise! They had seven offers in five days. Being unprepared for it selling in this market, they hadn’t done any house hunting. So they packed everything into storage and moved into the upstairs of his mother’s house, cat and all. They’ve been taking short trips out and about “exploring different areas around Northern California”. I think that’s a great idea.

Personally, I’d like to actually leave the state since it’s so $$$. I’ve thought of somewhere like Oregon, but Portland may be just a tad to gloomy for my psyche. Another part of the state perhaps? Frankly I’m stymied. This is one of the drawbacks to not having a partner. It’s also one of those moments I’d like to bean doltoid upside his head. But on the other hand, the peace that comes with not having an ethically challenged, unhappy person in your life does kind of balance out my little dilemma. My, another little snit-fit. Two in one post. Again, sorry.

Do you have a place you enjoy living? If so, why? Is there a place you’d rather be? Do you know of a city you’d move to if moving was free? Is there an area you’ve visited that you could recommend? I figure with all the people online, someone must have an idea or two. Anyone?