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Rebecca 2000‘s comment to my Le Creuset conundrum post lead to a delightful day of window shopping on the internet. Found some really great sites that I want to share with you. My shopping wish list now totals almost $500! I won’t be buying all that but it’s nice to dream.

The mish-mosh of pots and pans I own now resembles the assortment of cooking vessels I acquired when I went off to college. Pretty much hand-me-downs. Nothing matches, not that it matters, but the non-stick surfaces of the Calphalon pans that I took in the divorce have seen better days. The person I was married to didn’t pay any attention to what temps were appropriate for what finishes and thus burnt the heck out of them.

Here is a link with a clear graphic illustrating the heating do’s and don’t’s (sp?) of cooking in teflon. The set was purchased over 15 years ago, and as such couldn’t take the higher temperatures that non-sticks manufactured today can. He insisted on heating the pans with nothing in them and once super hot would sear meat or whatever in them causing the breakdown of the non-stick material and release of fumes.

About six years ago I went to Big Lots and purchased a set of cheap fry pans (10″ and 6″) for frying eggs etc. since things stuck mercilessly in the Calphalon fryer. The Livestrong website has a lot of info on all types of “how to” articles on how to cook and treat cookware BTW. (No affiliation) Since then the small pan bit the dust so I’m slowly “losing” all the vessels to age thus limiting my cooking here in Chez Grey House.

Anyhow, the first site I discovered is “FreeShipping.org” and the discounts are amazing, plus you get free shipping from over 4000 stores! They list the assorted companies links so you can go to places like Land’s End, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Gap and so on. (Again, no affiliation)

Since I was looking for cooking items I chose the website “Cooking.com” and oh my! What an array of cookware. I had started my search at Le Creuset.com first and selected a 3 qt. stainless steel saute pan by LC for $160.00. Still it seemed a bit $$$. So on I went to Williams-Sonoma and found the same thing by All-Clad on sale for $119.95; down from $224.95. Well, Cooking.com had the identical item for $99.95!

That’s a savings of $125! And shipping is free, something to consider when buying heavy products.

I also found a Calphalon 5 qt. covered saute pan for $79.99 vs. $189.95 saving $189.96. Next I found this:

This is what was said about these pans with new surfaces (from Cooking.com):  “The 3-qt. Sear Nonstick Saute Pan features a textured nonstick surface with searing capability that true chefs demand from professional-grade cookware, yet all the convenience of nonstick. Chefs will appreciate the skillet’s lower sides, which encourages airflow while averting splatters. With proper airflow, food will easily cook up crisp and keep juices intact.

Calphalon also includes a 10-inch Omelet Pan, which features a Slide Nonstick surface to ensure ideal cooking conditions for delicate foods such as eggs and pancakes. The Slide Nonstick surface releases foods effortlessly, making even the most demanding culinary creations simple to prepare. The angled sides allows easy flipping and easy transition from pan to plate. 

The set includes a tempered glass lid, which chefs can use for both pans. Tempered glass is four to six times stronger than regular glass, can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.”
Next was another Calphalon Unison non-stick skillet set for $69.95 down from $225.00.

Since I didn’t take our well-seasoned wok with me, I ran across a wonderful iron one designed by Jaden of Steamy Kitchen for $54.99.

This only had a savings of $24.96 but it’s so well made looking and has a tempered glass lid and silicone grips on the handles and steaming rack. So now my loot added up to $504.78. Plus two free “gifts”, a 7 piece utensil set and red potholders and towel. Obviously I won’t be purchasing all this.

But once you set up and account, you can remove items and “save for later” so you won’t have to go through all the searching when you’re ready to buy them. I love convenience like this.

Living alone, I feel that I can treat myself to one or two pieces of quality cookware and not fear for it’s life in the hands of a crazed cook. Plus I won’t have to worry about eating Teflon that’s degraded over the years. I’ll probably start with the first two items listed and go from there.

Oh and by the way I spotted an article noting that this coming Monday a lot of retailers are offering free shipping online so look into it.

I’m also getting Le Creuset’s stainless steal knob for the lid of my 5.5 qt. Dutch (LC calls them French) oven so I can make bread in it! The old black knobs can’t take high heat. Here’s their recipe for French Oven Bread using the oven that I have.

Are there any pots/pans that you’ve found and fell in love with? I’d love to hear about them.