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We had a wild wind storm here day before last. Thankfully I was visited by one of those moments of grace that appear like twinkling gifts you never expected. It always amazes me when it seems the universe is looking out for me. About 5 p.m. I realized I was missing an essential element of dinner so I drove over to Von’s. While there, the lights in the store and parking lot went out, then on, then out. This happened three times and finally they stayed out. Luckily I was through the check out and made a beeline for the automatic doors in order not to be stuck inside.

The parking lot was pitch black but it all worked out and I drove home. As I pulled in my driveway, I stopped. There, right were my car would have been parked was a large, dead limb from the huge Live Oak tree blocking the whole drive. Had I not gone to Von’s my car would have been smashed. Grace, pure and simple saved me.

Wound up parking on the other side of the street, away from that tree. As I walked under it to get to the garage the wind was whipping it about wildly. Very unnerving. So happy I only had two bags.

This is only part of the limb.

This is only part of the limb. You can’t tell from the photo but the diameter of the branch measured four inches.

Once inside it was hard not to be really miffed at the property manager especially since I’d warned her back in September and October of the dead branches up in the canopy of the tree. But I recalled that I’d been given a whopping pile of grace and calmed down. I did call the landlord directly instead of the property manager though.

Well, that lit a fire under her. Within ten minutes of my call she was at my front door. This afternoon her handymen removed the limb from the front yard and side of the garage where P. had dragged it for me Tuesday evening. Only problem, the guys filled up the green can AND the trash can instead of hauling it away in their truck so now I have nowhere to put my garbage for the week. Good thing it’s cool outside, so the garbage can sit out in the little lean-to that’s on the side of the house for another week.

Speaking of weather, the other day I came across a blog offering a class in travel journaling in Venice. You don’t really go to Italy, but the author did and you travel visually on the internet along with her. But that wasn’t what really interested me. What blew me away was a link to The Guardian in the UK showing photos of November flooding in Venice.

The amazing thing was that I had been in Venice in Nov. 2003, walked right where these people are swimming and saw the tables set up across St. Mark’s Square for people to walk on, just in case.

Luckily we didn’t need them that year, but viewing these photos made me even more appreciative of the great weather experienced while I was there! Go to this site and see all the photos yourself.

On a completely different note, did you know you can send one letter or a pack of addressed, stamped Christmas cards to the Postmaster in a list of cities with holiday names and they will be canceled with that city’s postmark, such as Bethlehem, KY or PA or CT, Santa Claus, IN, Snowville, UT, Snowflake, AZ, Noel, MO and the like?

It’s probably too late for this year but if the world doesn’t end tomorrow, there’s always next year. Hope the weather, wherever you are is behaving itself. 🙂