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Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2013 and here I sit with Blue on his short leash while fire crackers and guns go off all around. Poor little guy does not like their loud sharp cracks and he barks wildly or if they’re a good distance off, grumbles, letting out little grunts of discontent. Neither of us will be going to sleep for a while yet.

Made Chicken Pot Pie yesterday so I have dinner for four nights at least. Plus made stock with a rotisserie chicken which will become some form of creamy, maybe cheese-y cauliflower soup.

Instead of champagne (getting those bottles open scares me) I bought another bottle of Cabernet like the one I brought when invited to dinner with P. and A. earlier in December. It was a Ravenswood 2009 and had a lot of body and depth. So that was my treat to myself with the chicken pot pie. Yes, I know a red with chicken, but hey, it still tasted great.

Hope this year brings you everything that’s good and wonderful and leaves you happy as a squirrel in a tree loaded with ripe pecans.