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Based on my earlier post describing coming out of the fog, I have faithfully eaten two Clementine tangerines every morning for breakfast. While shopping yesterday I also bought two bagels. Still don’t have the lunch thing figured out and I need to begin work on whatever dinner is before 6 pm if I want to eat by 8.

Keep forgetting that I haven’t cooked much of anything in over a year+ and it’s like learning to ride a bike again. Sure you can ride it after a few wobbly starts, but don’t dare let go of the handlebars and pedal with your arms crossed like you used to. The finesse is gone, at least till I get back up to speed. Plus tackling any long distance rides or complicated recipes will also take rebuilding of the muscles and time.

Perfect example. Tonight I planned to make “Panera’s Cream Cheese Potato Soup” before some red and white potatoes I bought two weeks ago sprouted, turning green and my Philly cream cheese expired. In reading the comments on the recipe before starting several people suggested microwaving the potatoes so they’d be less mushy than cooking in water. Okay, no problem.

Not really. Checked the internet and just nuke them for five minutes in the microwave on high, let cool and begin. Flaw:  I put six on the micro platter. Duh. Forgot the more volume the longer the cooking time. So 25 minutes later they were ready but now they had to cool. Didn’t want to put them in water and get soggy, so set them on the tile counter (very cold) and changed their location every ten minutes or so to a new colder one. Half hour later and still can’t handle them. 😦  See what I mean?

Luckily I bought a Trader Joe’s salad yesterday on my marathon errand run which resulted in my knee blowing up into a great big balloon. So that’ll be dinner which is fine. On Saturday I defrosted and baked two boneless/skinless chicken breasts for another pot pie and will add a bit of chicken to the salad with a few garbanzos.

I’ll continue on my soup quest tomorrow. Read over the recipe (see link above). Don’t you think it could use a bit of a mirepoix at the beginning for a little more flavor? (Click on the Photo Source link to see what I mean recipe-wise.) Especially since red pepper won’t be entering the picture. I’m also going to cut the cream cheese down to four to six ounces. Just thinking of eight I can hear my arteries slamming shut.

On a positive note, I did make a list of what I have in the fridge and need to cook since I have one of those old kind where you I have to drag a stool into the kitchen in order to bend low enough and dig out the now rotten forgotten treasures you I just had to purchase. Sigh.

I’ve also made a list of what the above ingredients are going to make so I have some focus, something at a bit of a premium right now as the fog slowly parts. Now I just have to do a little time management looking at the assorted recipes and what I plan to make and when to do it. Otherwise I’ll be back to square one.

We already know I read the weekly food ads and make lists of sale items religiously. Sunday while at Von’s I did resist chuck roast for only $2.49 per pound and 19.2 ounces of ground pork for $3.99. I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t have a specific, immediate plan for it, I’ll freeze it, forget about it and find it six years later. Some savings.

Maybe that’s part of a resolution for this year and forever, don’t buy something unless you have a specific recipe in hand, regardless of what a great deal it is. If you don’t use it, it was not a great buy.

Photo Source. Unknown

Photo Source. Unknown