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I really must sort through posts I write and save as drafts more often. This is one that I’d swear I posted a year ago! It’s dated January 13, 2012. I just looked. Nope, it was still in my drafts file waiting for me to take a photo or two. Since I’m still amazed at how kind the blogging community is, I’m going to use a stock photo so I can get this posted.

Written Jan. 13, 2012:
Perhaps you’ll remember my post from Jan. 1, 2012 when I was still blogging over at Blogger regarding my “continuing hunt” for Senf Gherkins. Well, guess what? Bob in Chicago sent me an email out of the blue regarding these delights.ย He too was hooked at an early age by his Danish grandparents and has been searching off and on to find them. He’s been luckier than I because the Chicago area is home to a ton of European style delis.

He emailed several links to me since he lost his source and is hunting once again. He also is sending me what sounds like his last jar of Kuhne’s Senf Gherkins which I think is remarkably kind since I don’t know him from the man in the moon. He found my blog and post while googling “senf gherkins”. What’s funny is that if you google that, you’ll find my blog listed atย #2 (it used to be #4) and under “senf gherkins images”, you’ll actually find that the first photo is of Blue since I referred to him in that post. Pretty funny!

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue, my little Senf Gherkin

I emailed two companies so far. Both overseas. I’ll be contacting the two other sources he gave me, in my continuing search to find a source (one jar will never be enough). ๐Ÿ™‚ He also noted that he found they might be called mustard pickles because in German that’s what the translation equals.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.ย Not to be confused with sweet gherkins.

So, the hunt is on again and hope springs eternal! I’ll post the results of my searches when the companies email back to me.

Since then,ย I did hear from one German company that couldn’t help me. But Bob did indeed send the jar of Senf Gherkins. Sheer heaven. It’s been so long since I tasted these. They are being doled out very slowly, are so good and bring back so many memories of my family and Great Grandmother! Isn’t that amazing that someone would be that kind, out of the blue, to a total stranger?

Needless to say I emailed and thanked him profusely. Funny how food and memories can bring total strangers together. I’m sure his wife wondered about the two of us…and over pickles? Lol! But then that explains the popularity of food blogs where you can form friendships without ever meeting someone because of your mutual love for food.

BTW, with more links from him I think I may have located a deli a few suburbs over (LA is just on giant conglomeration of suburbs and towns). I called and they do carry the pickles. So at some point I’ll be taking a little trip over there. Actually lived in that area for about 12 years and totally forgot about the deli. They have the best, most authentic fresh German sausages and bratwurst, made on the premises. So I’ll be picking up a few of those while I’m there. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here I am, a year to the date posting this at long last. I managed to make the crunchy little pieces of heaven last until Christmas. I’m grateful to the kind souls and warm hearts that grace the blogging realm of the internet. It’s an amazing community. And thanks again, Bob!