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This is really getting old. The chainsawing, the hacking, the clunking, the raking but mainly the flaming chainsaw. Aaaauuuugghhh! My nerves are stretched to the max by that hideous noise.

Most of today was filled with the grating sound as they hacked and sawed to get the two, now HUGE piles of branches, limbs and leaves to fit into the pickup. They obviously don’t want to make two trips to the dump. Sigh. I don’t know how they stand the sound, how their ears endure it without screaming bloody hell. It’s clear from looking at the two that they aren’t wearing earplugs. They’re also sneezing and coughing like mad.

Sorry, no pics of the tree’s haircut. Way too dusty out there. Need to wait for everything to settle down. As the day passed they couldn’t get everything into the pickup so they used my green waste can and half of my garbage can. They’ll come back for the pile of logs tomorrow.

On a totally different note, I managed to make spaghetti and meatballs and a batch of taco mix to freeze. Funny, usually I love my Mom’s meatball recipe but this batch was just so-so. Can’t figure out why. I wonder if it’s because I’ve eaten so little red meat over the last year and a half. Could that happen? Can your taste buds change?

Blue enjoyed them immensely, but then hey, people food. What’s not to love? I noticed Von’s has Foster Farm chicken breasts with bone and skin, on sale through tomorrow. I’ll have to make a stop while I’m out. Even though it’s gotten rather warm here, like 82F (27.7C), chicken and dumplings still sounds really good. I like making stews using chicken with the bones and skin, it adds so much to the flavor vs. boneless/skinless.

Actually I wouldn’t have to go out but my cell phone was sitting on my desk and as I turned to reach for something my elbow hit it an bang! onto the floor it went. So, il est mort. Kaput. Esta muerto. You get the picture. I’m phone-less.

Actually it may work for the best. Did you know that a AAA affiliate has a simple phone like mine (even has a low res camera) for $10 and the plan costs $20/month for 500 minutes? It piggy backs on Verizon’s cell network so coverage should be decent. My current ATT plan which I signed up for over six years ago costs $39.99/month has 500 minutes and a ton of night and weekend minutes free.

One problem. I call so few people and vice versa, that I always have a roll over balance of over 2,000 minutes. Even though I call my friend in Wisconsin at peak times, at least once a month and we talk for one to two hours, I still have all those minutes left. How nuts is that? Since I can’t see the point of a smart phone and it’s attached costs, this may just be the solution.

Interestingly, I found this out last week when I brought Westways (AAA publication for members) with me to my mechanic for something to read while I got new wiper blades and had a few other things checked out. Did you know that wiper blades for a 13 year old BMW cost $66, not including labor? EEK! Well, if I change plans that would cover my windshield wipers for one year and have change to spare! Note:  In So Cal wiper blades dry out and crisp up within one year without fail. The joys of paradise….

Hope you have a nice evening and coming week. Oh, and that the weather treats you well. 🙂