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Realizing there are a lot of women who apparently like football and basketball, I have to say that sports as a whole bores me to death. Absolute ennui. I know you’re supposed to like it for your significant other but hey, in the last year and who knows how many months, I, for one, have not missed it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do pay minor attention to the Green Bay Packers and UW Badgers, but that’s it and to watch an entire game (unless a play off where they’re involved etc.) no way. Even then, it’s more of a check in on what’s happening periodically. Well, as a result, I didn’t even realize that today was the Super Bowl. Yeah. Totally and completely missed it all.

Note:  get the box of facial tissues nearby.

I did however, watch a few Super Bowl commercials on Hulu.com. Remember Christian the Lion? Well, I was in tears at the end of Budweiser’s commercial of a baby Clydesdale raised and then sent off to be a true performing adult Clydesdale. Was it a blatant “knock off” of the Christian video? Who knows, it’s still quite moving.

I won’t say anymore (except that Clydesdales are huge, utterly stunning, majestic animals, if you’ve seen one in person like I have…you would be astonished…their chin rests on my head). Just watch, it’s only a minute and seconds long and so amazing (though, yes, I know, staged). But so descriptive of the universal love between two souls and two hearts. Some ties can never be broken or lost.

If you’ve never been a companion to an animal other than a human, you probably will not understand what I’m saying. For that, I am truly sorry. You have missed so much. Yes, you missed the pain of their short lives vs. ours, their potential silent tolerance of an illness or pain we cannot define or even be aware of.

They are some of the many angels that visit us in this lifetime and if you’re so blessed to find such a soul, thank the heavens for that gift of grace.

P.S. Sorry for the absence of posts of late. Will explain in the next post or three.

P.P.S. Gorgeous Clydesdales.

P.P.P.S. Children are an entirely different subject BTW.