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Woke up this a.m. to the sound of helicopters. There were several and they flew back and forth directly over this house all day long with only three to five minutes between flyovers going one way or another. As the day passed, I surmised they were the fire choppers and were flying between Lake Puddingstone which is East of me

to pick up water and somewhere West of here to drop it on a wildfire.

Curiosity finally got the better of me and I looked out the back door and up only to be “mooned” by the chopper’s belly. Man, they are fast and loud. I went back inside and googled “los angeles news live” and got this: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/live. No, it’s not live any longer but I did grab a photo of the last run over this house to drop water. And surprise of surprise, it’s in the hills just above me!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes, the chopper was fast. It got that far from me in the time it took to put the camera to my eye. With the sun going down they were done for the day and it will now be up to ground crews. Even though it’s already in the 90’s F (33 C) it was very quiet wind-wise which was super fortunate.

Amidst all this the firefighters had to deal with (supposedly) a bear in the backyard of one of the homes near the fire. Hope he/she fairs well as do all the other wildlife displaced by fires like this. Turns out BTW that a gardener in the back yard of a house in the area was working on something and started the blaze. The area is riddled with canyons that have their own microclimates and fires pick up speed rather quickly with their own updrafts and downdrafts. The smoke and flames were highly visible from a local freeway but luckily it was a weekend so traffic rubber-necking wasn’t quite as bad as it would have been on a weekday.

Still 150 homes in the hills were evacuated and will probably stay that way for the night. So glad I don’t live in a hilly area. I’ve got a friend who lives on one of the evacuated streets so I hope she and her husband are okay!

On another note, it hit 95F here today. It’s just too, too, too early for that. It’s not even May by a long shot! What happened to “May Gray” and “June Gloom”? It’s especially bad since this started about one and a half months ago. We keep getting bursts of heat amidst decent spring weather. In the grocery store it seems to be the “hot” topic…an early and loooonnng summer. Ugh. I wish we could have the Northeast ship some cold this way.

Well, I hope tonight finds you happy and snug in your bed. Sleep well.