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Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with my upcoming appointment this Thursday with a surgeon who deals in surgeries that pose a high risk of infection developing. So I’ve been medicating my nerves with online recipes, Pinterest and not writing any posts. It’s like I can’t think. Then add the hideous heat we’ve had of late and I become a little ball of tatters. In today’s pinning I clicked on a pin and it turned out that it was from my own board “Quotes”. I was so surprised and wound up going through my own board realizing I have some pretty great pins there. Do you ever go through what you’ve pinned? It was a treat to read them and I felt uplifted. So as a result, I’m going to start sharing them with you. Hope you don’t mind.

It just seems a lot of them would benefit a good number of people. Plus this way you don’t have to comb through the billions of pins on Pinterest…not that that’s painful or disagreeable 🙂 it just inhales a lot of your time. It’ll also make me read and re-read a great deal of wisdom which will affect me in unknown but mostly beneficial ways. Today it’s been really lovely…grey and cool…and I appreciate it so much!

Going back to the idea of sharing quotes, I ran across this one from Betty White who I just love. Apparently, she has quite a mouth on her according to my friend who was at some event years ago where she was being honored. So be advised this quote is a bit racy, but it’s also very funny and true!

And lastly,

And it is! 🙂  Happy Birthday to me!!!!