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Did you know that today was National Animal Preparedness Day? (BTW, that link is a commercial site with all kinds of emergency needs for pets.) I didn’t till I ran across a Pin. I was visiting The Daily Corgi and found they’re starting a Pet Safety Pinterest Contest.

The whole thing started with hit and run while a young man was walking his Weimaraner pre-dawn. You can read the whole story here. An amazing product from a determined man came out of a tragedy.

Anyhow, I’m not promoting any of the above but wanted to list some of the great links that their Pin board led me to! But I suggest you enter their Pinterest contest to spread more info on pet safety and it’s all in one place!

One of the links was to a site with a formula for cleaning your pet should it get skunked. A few years ago my two Siberians and Sheltie mix received quite a healthy dose of skunk stench through a screened fence when trying to see who was visiting their kennel. OMG! I will NEVER forget the smell, it was nauseating!

You can check out more Pins to helpful sites by going to The Daily Corgi’s Pet Safety 101 board on Pinterest. And here you thought Pinterest was just pretty pictures and eye candy! Go check it out, you’ll be glad you did if you have any fur-kids.

Of course I kept them locked in the run, drove to the store and bought gallons of tomato juice. Okay, that’s really an old wives tale. They smelled even worse! So I searched on the internet and found that Dawn dish detergent would help. It has a surfactant in it that helps cut right through grease and oils. Back out I went.

Got back and sudsed them up. Did you know Siberians hate water? At least mine did. Dawn helped somewhat but not enough. They were “outdoor doggies” for a week and none too happy about it either.

So you can imagine my delight on finding a Pin that led me to a site with a formula that actually works! Wish I had this recipe back then. Though I’m glad to have it now since we get a lot of stinkers here and thus far Mr. Blue has shown no interest, thank goodness.

The ingredients are found in most households except for Dawn. I used it once and it just dried my hands out way too much. All you need is one large bottle of peroxide, one box of baking soda and one bottle of Dawn. Mix as follows: mix the large bottle of peroxide with one quarter cup of Dawn and two tablespoons of baking soda. In the words of the writer “hold your breath, apply liberally to your pet and scrub, scrub, scrub”.

Go check out this link because at the bottom of the post is a picture of her skunked dog back in the Winnebego! Which is a really good thing because the poster was on vacation at the time. Can you imagine being trapped in a trailer with a skunked puppers? I cringe at the thought! Her website has all kinds of info on traveling with pets, it’s a good resource to have and bookmark. She also blogs about her travels.

Note: no affiliation, just passing on some good info.