Sorry to be AWOL here but my allergies went through the roof after the rain last week on Tuesday (I think that’s when it rained, with my fog ridden brain I could be wrong). Regardless, all the usual symptoms appeared…sneezing, coughing, my nose turning into a faucet and so on. It was “just” allergies. It started so benignly.

The Live Oak and Pecan trees spread their mist of lime pollen over everything. You could write “wash me” in the pollen coating on my car. I didn’t. And now all the tassels that held the nasty stuff are falling. What a mess.

After this weekend however, it appears I’ve succumbed to the usual spring malady where my allergies somehow morph into bronchitis or pneumonia. I’d love to know how that happens since I’m so careful not to touch my hands to my face and so on when out and wash them thoroughly when returning home. I avoid anyone coughing, sneezing and all that when in public.

How simple allergies do this I have no idea, but it’s been a pattern over the last nine or ten years. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll snag an appointment with my doctor of many years. She can spot pneumonia and so on better than anyone I’ve come across even though I’ll pay through the nose (yeah, hah hah…pun intended) since she’s not with Blue Cross. It’s so weird how allergies can balloon into an illness.

From experience I know when the allergies/illness have “upped the ante” and I finally am feeling sick. So I’ll be taking a break from this blog for about a week. I have several posts written but can’t finalize them since my brain is in a complete addled haze from all the hacking and by now a lung should have come up. Okay, too much info, sorry. But it is what it is.

Does anyone else’s body out there have this rather odd ability to go from something simple to a totally compromising situation? I just don’t get it even after all these years.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Whimper, whimper. 😦

And yes I should be resting but am up very late since laying down leads to ceaseless hacking in spite the assorted drugs. So, as I said, I’m taking a small break, please check in with me in a few days or so…and I hope YOU are well and happy.