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Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather “as they say”…where the heck have I been for the last few weeks? This is Memorial Day Weekend? Holy cow! Play the Rolling Stones “out of touch my baby”…and so on.

Regarding my last post and my little not so little hiatus due to illness…I’m still on hold, not much better. Coughing my lungs up…still. Saw my doctor of many years last Friday. Oh goodie, tests, x-rays and new meds. She doesn’t have any idea where this relentless cough is coming from. 😦 There’s more but I’m not in the mood to talk about it.

Other than that pooh, the weather (knock on wood) has been heavenly. It’s actually “spring”! I love it!

Photo Source.

Photo Source. No, not Mr. Blue, but you get the idea.

On another front and not very positive, Blue (Mr. BunnyPants) has been having health issues too. Not going to talk about that right now either…still… in the phases of denial.

So the other bookend to this time of year is my Mom’s death thirteen years ago today. The month of May used to be such a happy time. Now, I recall the person I was married to being so kind (where did he ever go?) and whisking me off on a ten day vacation in Wales at an exquisite B & B after my Dad left us on April 28 of that year. We even had a few days with my dear friend in The Netherlands.

To this day I swear my Mom was holding on till I was safely “home”. She died one and a half days after I called her to let her know I returned and would see her in three days. She died in her sleep like Gram, my Great Grandmother, the woman who raised her when her Mom died in 1919.

Like I said, this month is marked with bookends, starting with my Dad’s death, then my birthday, followed by their anniversary, then ending with her death. Maybe that’s why I always get sick at this time of year.

Who knows? Still…I just wish I could hug each of them one more time. Maybe that would make it all better.