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Isn't this better? Not perfect, but better.

Isn’t this better? Not perfect, but better. See the ^ Sago right up there?

Well, I’m exhausted, though I did very little physically in the yard clean-up department yesterday. I think it was the two grocery stops plus lugging the groceries through the garage up the stairs and into the house before D, M’s brother arrived that actually that did me in.

Of course when you top shopping with two hours of standing and directing in the sun from five to seven, it led to one pretty fried little chickie. “We” didn’t get as much done as I thought “we” would, but still it’s a major difference and all three cans (garbage, green waste and recyclables) are full.

So we had to stop since there was nowhere else to toss stuff, but I think you’ll agree it looks quite a bit better. Dead plants gone. Soil carted to side flower bed. The one that has no plants after the first annuals that were planted there died back. The landlord hasn’t replanted anything there for the last six years. I guess it was just to attract a tenant.

D still has to return to wash down the ugly but practical plastic chairs. I found a cover for the stack of six at Big Lots which should help eliminate cleaning them every time one wants to sit down. The grill has to be scrubbed down and I have to decide on which pots to use for planting herbs. I’m hoping I can still find a patio tomato or two at Home Depot at this late date. Luckily, living in Southern California, I can garden year round.

There’s also the arranging and placement of all of the above-mentioned items. The glass table also needs a bath as does the patio umbrella. Plus D needs to stop at Home Depot for fresh potting soil and a propane tank swap. So there’s still more to do but it feels so good 🙂 to have gotten this much done.

I was hesitant at first about tossing the one gallon black plastic pots thinking I’d re-use them. But then realized, who am I kidding? Dump them. Less is more. It felt very good in the end. So all the pots are empty (except for the aloe vera and sago palm which I opted to keep). The sago is a major miracle of miracles, having risen from the dead this spring! I have no idea how, but just look at it.

Before. A trellis for another plant.

Before. Acting as a trellis for another plant.


After! All nice new green growth.

Isn’t the Sago just mind-boggling? It was so very dead. All in all, it really was a great two hours and money well-spent even if I did get a bit sun-burned. Oh well, I got my vitamin D for the day. 🙂  Looking forward  to having my herb garden back and being able to sit out on the patio when it’s cooling down in the evening. That’s something I haven’t done for over a year.

Do you have a garden? How’s it doing this year? I know in a lot of the country the weather has been uncooperative. When I lived in the midwest, there was a saying “knee high by the fourth of July” as a gauge for knowing how your corn was doing. That may have to be revised this year.

Speaking of corn, it’s been available in the stores for quite a while now, but it really doesn’t look that great when you pull the husk open a bit. So sadly I haven’t bought any. I’m going to wait for local corn to arrive. The white corn from outlying areas of Riverside and Ventura is always so delicious. Can’t wait!