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Hi there! Hope today finds you well and happy! We’re here for such a short time, not to be happy. In fact in the seven months prior to my parents’ deaths, they each told me at different times that the most important thing was to be truly happy. Seems it takes 50+ years for some of us to realize that.



Personally, I try to do my best but still hit bumps in the road. Must still be on a “high” from the garden clean-up. I’d like to send a shout out of thanks to Arthur of Arthur in the Garden, Yummy Chunklet and Joanne from Eats Well With Others for stopping by to “like” and comment on the final result. Support is the best thing!

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Tomato and Cheese Galette. Note: this site has some good recipes too.

You should see Arthur’s gorgeous garden and the HUGE snake that is visiting…EEK (to the snake that is, not his wonderful garden). And a major YUM to Yummy’s Baking with Julia which features a Tomato and Cheese Galette. You can find the actual recipe here and here. Joanne has a wonderful looking recipe to right here, a breakfast with roasted  cherries (never thought of that).

The patio cleanup continues tomorrow. D is coming over at 12:30 when the patio is still partly shaded by the top of the pecan tree. It should make a big difference in the heat department. Did you know tomorrow is the first day of summer.Patio Clean up cont1

See the filthy (and ugly but practical) chairs in the photo above? Tomorrow they will be all cleaned up. Even have a plastic cover for them which I picked up at Big Lots last year for $2.00. See the two whitish bins with black tops (at 8 and 12 o’clock)? Tomorrow they will be going in the recycle bin. The 8 o’clock one will be dumped first. Can’t wait.

You can’t see it from the picture but all along the patio behind the chairs and bins are a lot of small weeds growing in between the bricks. So I want everything moved so the gardener can get at them. Can’t wait!