Another day in hell. Forecast as 101F (38.33C), it’s actually more like 107 where I live. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 103 which means about 110 here. Even though I only live 15 to 20 minutes from LA, there’s absolutely no benefit from the ocean like LA gets. Today’s high for LA is 86, quite a distance from 100+.

My Lifesaver

My Lifesaver

I visualize it as the heat hitting the foothills and then sliding down the face of the hills and pooling in the San Gabriel valley. Of course it could be worse, I could live further East as in San Bernardino or Temecula. Worse yet, Death Valley, which is supposed to top its 126F (52.22C) June record with this weekend’s heat. There’s no reprieve in sight till Tuesday or Wednesday. The window A/C units are getting a real workout and losing the battle.

Poor Blue is stretched out on any square of remotely cool kitchen or bathroom tile. A little while ago I found him wound around the toilet and it’s cool porcelain, wedged between that and the tile wall. 😦

So I’m pretty much holed up on my office on the computer, the small fan on a nesting table about 10 inches from me and my new favorite thing. A fan spray bottle. Yes, hokey isn’t it, but I caved and spent $9.99 on one when we had the last burst of 100 degree weather in early June. In the weeks since buying it, I questioned my sanity for purchasing such an obvious gimmick.

Just broke it out the day before yesterday when this heat wave hit. I am SO GLAD I bought it now! Actually I have one of those wavy outdoor kind that attaches to the garden hose. Looks like this.

The Cobra Mister. Mine is purple.

The Cobra Mister. Mine is purple.

But you can’t use it inside the house. And it’s just too freakin’ hot out in the beating sun to use it, at least till my patio umbrella is up and in place. That’s not going to happen in the next couple of days.

The mister does get my T-shirt damp but it’s so dry that the moisture evaporates quickly leaving me cooled. Or as cool as one can be. Humidity is currently only about 30%.

Well the sun is finally setting so I’m going to poke my head out the door and see which is worse, the house or the great outdoors. Hope you have a lovely evening and that your weather is treating you well.