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Blue and Rocky Raccoon

Blue and Rocky Raccoon

This is Blue thinking he’s hiding his toy from me. You can see just a wee bit of Rocky on the right just below Blue’s right ear. Note the pricked back ears. Using radar to detect a stealthy mom from snagging it from him. He loves that toy. Yes, I know the rug needs vacuuming. It also needs to be rolled up, carried out by two burly men and taken for a cleaning. But at $500 or so a pop, that’s not happening.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.  Rocky Raccoon

Rocky cost $5.99 and was worth every penny. The first one I got was the larger raccoon Skineeez and way too long. Mr. B kept tripping on it when carrying it. So it had a little surgery. I cut off the tail, much better. Fortunately the next one I found was the “mini” and just his size. He carries it around like a puppy, his baby. Since it has no stuffing there’s no provocation for him to tear into it and remove the innards. And yes I know it’s a fox but the first name just stuck.

And now for something completely different. “An American Home Companion” is one of my favorite podcasts and one that I was listening to last night this morning at 4:20 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep. Hate when that happens! Do you ever have this problem? Why does this happen? Anyhow, usually listening to Garrison Keillor’s dulcet toned voice lulls me into the land of nod. Last night though it didn’t work.

I think it was due to the higher than normal evening temps in the house. I would kill for a screened-in sleeping porch since it cools at night. When I lived in Pasadena, one of the houses we bought to renovate, had one off the upstairs bedroom and it was heavenly. The evening breezes up from the arroyo were so cooling.

That’s one thing I’ve loved about the houses we renovated, they were all built in the 20’s before air conditioning so the builders really considered what sides of the house faced where and took advantage of ambient air flow. So around 6 p.m. the windows could be thrown open to enjoy the evening breezes. It also helped that the walls were made of plaster and lath and a thick coat of stucco on the outside.

This attention to detail seems to have vanished in the 1950’s with track housing. Take for example this rental where the west wall squarely faces the setting sun. Plus, the owners have not taken advantage of planting trees to help regulate the heat that results from this. But I won’t go on, since I’ll just get riled up thinking about the lousy quality of buildings in So Cal.

I had been enjoying two days of cool (in the 80’s) overcast weather until “poof” it was gone. Today the sun is beating down and it’s in the mid-ninties which I could seriously do without. I can’t even justify the suffering with any garden tomatoes. No volunteers this year. Boo! And I didn’t get any tomatoes from Home Depot yet since the patio is still in limbo and the person who was going to pick up potting soil and propane hasn’t called back. So no grilling either.

As you may know my TV kicked the proverbial bucket about two years ago and I’ve been watching television shows on my iMac via Hulu. Well, last night I wanted to watch “Necessary Roughness” and Hulu showed that four episodes were available. I had watched the first one and when I clicked on the next one, I was greeted by a window saying I could watch it through my provider. Since I have no provider, I was out of luck. But what annoyed me was that it was up on Hulu like it was available. Tried to find contact info for Hulu. No luck either.

So I googled “contact info Hulu” or something like that and got the most fantastic link! You must write this down because it’s so awesome. It’s called “GetHuman” and has all kinds of contact info. In fact it boasts 8,000 companies in 45 countries. So the next time you’re going through the seventh level of “for x press 1, for y press 2” recorded hell, remember this link and save your sanity!

Immediately called Hulu and are you sitting down? got a real live human being!

You’re welcome 🙂