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Oh, for a nice grey, foggy day.

Oh, for a nice grey, foggy day.

Did you ever have a day when nothing went right? Yesterday was just such a day for me. Have to say I’m fortunate because this doesn’t happen often but when it does, everything seems to cascade and not in a good way. I was up bright and early (well, for me it was) to beat the predicted 96F heat. Was all set and left the house at about 1:30 figuring I’d be gone about 1.5 hours.

First on my list? A carwash. My car was so grotty it had become embarrassing. I had the filthiest car on the road. I do not jest. Since I was also running on fumes, gas was in order. So over to Jay’s Shell, a station I never go to because they have the highest gas prices. But they also have the closest carwash. I would have driven out a ways to a hand carwash but I wanted to get the errands over with.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.  Jay’s.

Unfortunately the display on the gas pump was blown out, so I had to go inside. The very young attendant asks how much? Well, a fill-up. Now you know how this goes…I have to pick an amount. So he says $80 and I say no $50, I just won’t fill totally up. He then says that whatever amount I don’t use will go back on my card. I’m skeptical but it’s hot and I’m already tired so, okay, and he adds the $7.00 carwash for $87.00.

Fill up the tank, no $80 worth though and drive to the wash. Two ahead of me, not too bad. As the line progresses, the car in front pulls into the auto wash and off it goes. Meanwhile I notice there are four cars now in line behind me and I think wow, I was lucky I got here when I did.

Well, not so fast. Suddenly mid-spray the whole contraption stops and the car in the wash waits…and waits…finally decides to pull though. Meanwhile I notice a new message on the display where one enters the code for the wash, “Carwash temporarily closed”. 😦 And the “call attendant” button doesn’t work. This means I have to squeeze out of my car which is close to the code box and walk car by car to tell everyone to back up, that it’s broken so I can back up. Did I mention the outdoor temp registering on my car was now 100F?

As I exited my car I also noticed that in my haste to get out the door, I forgot to change shoes? It’s something I’ve dreamt of doing but so far never had. (This was a real fear when pink furry house slippers were popular.) I was wearing the rattiest, most chewed up, dirty sandals. Drats! Anyhow, around I go to get my money back along with everyone else and then return home.

Okay, start over. Drive out to San Dimas where they’re holding the magazine “Where Women Create”. It’s the only book store in the general area that had it. Being summer, there is road construction everywhere so my 20 minute drive turns into 40 minutes as I encounter closed streets, roads with only one lane open, etcetera. Arrive only to find the clerk I spoke with on Friday never put the magazine on hold and there were no more left on the racks. Sigh.

On the way back I detour to a hand car wash I know of, because my car is still driving me nuts. While waiting in line to order which package I want, I notice one of the guys walks in front of me to get a giant bottle of water from an ice chest. He is dripping. My car now reads 108F. Just thinking of sweaty guys getting in my car freaks me out so I tell the order-taker, never mind and back out. The second car wash I’ve backed out of that day. Le sigh.

Time elapsed from leaving house two hours. I delete two short stops from my to-do list and figure I’ll just hit Trader Joe’s. Out of 15 items to pick up, five were out of stock. Paused and contemplated going to another store but the car now reads 110F so my answer to that is screw it! Sorry, but I was super frustrated at that point.

Back home, after lugging the groceries through the garage, up the steps and into the house, three hours has elapsed. Then I walked into the living room only to be greeted by five little brown packages from Blue. Sigh….

Hope your day went much better and was far more productive!