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For today, I have a quiz to share with you. It’s called I Side With and after answering about 30-50 questions (you have the option to answer more questions if you like) it will tell you the percentage of political parties you side with (Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Libertarians or Socialist). You’ll also learn the percentage of specific parties you align with on assorted issues like domestic, environmental, economic, foreign policy, health care and so on. It takes about two to three minutes. Personally I found it interesting, who knew I side with the Green Party on 72% of issues or that I don’t support any Socialist Party issues.

This site also has a news feed that you can skew to your personal preferences filtering by keyword, issue, ideology, date, source and author. One item from it today:  did you know a Swedish Sociology professor nominated Jon Snowdon for a Nobel Peace Prize?

If you’re in the mood for more quizzing, you’ll find a whole array on a great number of topics at this site which states it’s “the thoroughbred of quizzing site”. Topics include but aren’t limited to culture, films, food, history, science, etc. Going a bit further I found a movie trivia quiz site here at the Movie Mind. So if you’re a film buff you might enjoy that link. Actually you can find a plethora of links by Googling “images for quiz”.

On a completely different note, I found out a very interesting fact. In this world of fast, processed and fake foods, I was surprised to learn there’s a way to get “real” food vs. the mass produced. Now, understand, I’ve cut back my fast food purchases to maybe twice a year and then, the calories, salt, fat and sin are reserved for Burger King’s sausage, egg and cheese Croissan’wich. Which is a good thing because it’s only served in the a.m. and not being a morning person, makes it easy to avoid.

Anyways, did you know you can get a “real” egg on your breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s? I was looking at recipes on the blog Serious Eats and found a link to an article about this. So instead of getting that sponge like, rubbery yellow “egg” that’s sort of like a square hockey puck, you can get a real egg cooked just for you.

All you do is ask to substitute the regular spongy ovoid imposter for a “round” egg. According to Serious Eats it’s cracked on the premises into a ring on the griddle and taste-wise makes a big difference and at no extra cost. Personally I wouldn’t necessarily order this when using the drive thru window since I imagine it takes a bit of time thus earning you the ire of all who are in line behind you. So if you’re a McDonald’s fast food breakfast lover hop over to the blog and check the article out. No affiliation BTW. Just was surprised to find out this tidbit of food info!

Serious Eats also had a contest back in 2010 on the best fast food breakfast sandwich. You’ll never believe which chain won…White Castle, home of the infamous sliders. They actually beat out ten others including Panera. Luckily there are no White Castles in this area, so I’m safe.

Yes, I love breakfast, my fav being Oscar Meyer bacon cooked till it’s just at the stage before super crispy. Followed by my sunny side up eggs with wonderful runny yolks. Add a small slice of buttered ciabatta to mop up the yolk and I’m in heaven. Oh yum! I think I could live on that.

My dad was an expert sunny side up maker. He used to rub his hands together, arch his eyebrows in excitement and lick his lips in comic anticipation of the delicacy he was whipping up. I miss that. Whenever I make that dish I think of him and am transported back to the breakfast nook in my family’s kitchen where we sat eating pink grapefruit halves, perfectly segmented by my mom while we awaited dad’s creation.

This week, I found out some interesting egg info. At CrunchyBetty’s blog I found “Twelve Things You Should Know About (and Do with Your Eggs)”. Did you know you can use the inner membrane of the egg as an under eye mask?

Then there’s this article on how the egg has been maligned over the last two decades which counters much false information with 30 current facts. This delights me since I love eggs but with my cholesterol count and family history, have avoided them for years. Now this doesn’t mean I’ll go hog egg-wild but will start rotating them into my meal plans. Stop laughing, I try my darndest (that’s a word, isn’t it?) to have a meal plan for the week even if, at this time of the year, it is all salads.

Oh, while you’re at Serious Eats check out the article on “velveting” chicken in Asian dishes. Very interesting. Oh, and check out the article with the tiny piglet eating an ice cream cone, it’s so cute.

Well, now that I’ve given you all kinds of scintillating links, I’ll let you check them out.

Oh, and remember my last post where I forked over $87 for overpriced gas and a carwash that never happened? The one where I was very skeptical when the attendant told me whatever amount wasn’t used would go back to my card? It really happened! Shock of shocks. So that’s what I’m grateful for today, along with the fact I can go back to enjoying eggs.  🙂

Before I close, if you’re wondering about the difference between a fact and factoid, you can find it here. I know you’re just dying to know. 😉 Now excuse me while I hard boil some eggs. Have a lovely weekend!