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Lately, I’ve been wanting to “go back to school” and learn something new like website creation and coding. But with my bum knee and the cost of classes, getting into a master’s program isn’t in the cards right now. So I’ve been sort of languishing in the land of boredom. Even this little blog has suffered…good grief, my last post was 13 days ago!

Of course it doesn’t help that WordPress can be annoying now and then. Overall I like it better than I did Blogger. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get frustrated when I try to add an image to the right side column in WordPress for this blog. As far as text, that works fine but every time I try to place images in the side bar I get nowhere. The instructions for the image widget seem quite straight forward so I’m puzzled. Since this has eluded me thus far, I usually just give up. It shouldn’t be that hard, I mean, I’ve figured it out so far, right?

Well, about two weeks ago, I ran across a really cool site (really cool in a nerdy sort of way I suppose) called “Codeacademy“. I’m excited because it has lessons (and they’re painless for the most part) in learning HTML, CSS, building websites as well as more advanced courses like jQuiry, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. Sounds like I really know what I’m talking about doesn’t it? Ha! I wish.

I spent the better part of the day Sunday, learning basic HTML and OMGosh, I actually understand it! Me, the technophobe, the science-challenged artist. What’s cool is that it breaks learning the language down into baby steps, starting with the most basic functions. And it gives lots of praise when you get each lesson right. You even earn badges for your accomplishments. This is my kind of learning. Plus it’s free!

To be honest I did get stuck (again) on adding images, such as adding another pic to a window containing the image to the rubber ducky in the lesson. I redid the lesson several times but instead of posting a

photo from the URL link, the actual typed URL link showed up next to the rubber ducky. I was trying to load the BK Croissan’wich

for my last post and it just wouldn’t appear. Oddly enough the “grade” posted said “Way to go!”. So I’m confused. Still, for me to have gotten this far before being stymied speaks highly of the site’s ease. And fortunately, there are numerous forums and Q and A areas to provide help.

So I posted my question and now await an answer. Meanwhile I’ll continue on to the next lesson. I’m sure it’s some little typo in the code I missed. Oh, and no affiliation BTW, just wanted to share what a great site this is for us who are tech-challenged.

Funny when going through the lessons, I realized I needed to take notes. I’d forgotten how much more I retain when I write down what I’m learning, I’d forgotten that. It’s been a while since college obviously.

Note: Someone did get back to me and it was indeed a wee bit of code entered incorrectly. Gheesh HTML is picky. Just kidding.

On another note, while parts of the country are sweltering, we have been graced with some moderate temps as well as a nice fluffy clouds breaking up the sunniness and it’s supposed to stay that way for a bit. So that makes me ridiculously happy. You do recall how heat-phobic I am from many of last summer’s posts don’t you? I haven’t even had to turn on the A/C today which is a first since it’s been running non-stop for a month and a half.

Well that’s it for today, I’m going back to Codeacademy. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a lovely week and stay cool.