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In the course of learning code, I’ve come across some interesting sites and thought I’d share them with you.

First up, StarterLeague. If you have nine months free, you too can learn coding in depth. Of course you have to fly to Chicago and find a place to stay so you can attend their classes and workshops. Only 50 people in each class, you get hands on mentoring from people in the business of web building, coding and much more. Their headquarters are in the Chicago Gift Mart. It could mean a new career if you’re in the market for that. Oh, did I mention it costs $33,000.00? Yup. Out of my price range but if you are in the market for a new career, it’s probably cheaper than college.

Blue and Rocky Racoon

Blue and Rocky Racoon

Note: since this a text heavy post, I’m adding a few pics of Blue to break things up a bit even though he has no relation to what I’m writing about. 🙂

Another website is GCF Learn Free. Technology, Reading and Math are featured. Okay, the number of classes is simply to voluminous to summarize so just go here and have a look.

If accounting has you puzzled, you can find classes over at Accounting Coach. Much of what’s there is free too. Over at Alison.com you can find courses on almost anything you’d find at a bricks and mortar college and it’s free. They even have coursework leading to certificates and diplomas. The site states that since they launched they’ve delivered over 75 million free lessons. Pretty amazing.

Relaxing in the backyard

Relaxing in the backyard

Then there’s Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco and Chicago which will set you back over $12,000.00 for nine weeks of “intensive training”. They also partnered with certain employers and if you get a job with one of them after your training, you’ll receive $3,000.00 back on your tuition.

Another site is Lynda.com where you subscribe to the learning services for a monthly fee. Costs can range from $20.83 to $37.50 depending on the level you select. There are 2,024 classes and 104,062 video tutorials. Plus you get a 7-day free trial.

Happily sunning the tummy

Happily sunning the tummy

Another note:  I’m sorry, I know it’s hard to concentrate on reading the post when this cute little beast is looking so happy.

If you work on a Mac, you do know there are keyboard shortcuts for most functions vs. using your mouse. You can find the long list of them here. I love these shortcuts but had no clue there were so many more I didn’t know about! And if your typing isn’t up to snuff, you can go visit “typingweb” which is also free.

On a slightly different note, here is where you can find the CSS Color Module Level 3. I won’t even attempt to summarize it since it contains a lot of info that’s unfamiliar to me but if you know a bit of code and want to change the color of something on your blog it has all the color codes you need.

For fonts go to this website for codes and how to write the code to get the font you want. This and the previous site mentioned will require a little more familiarity with coding before I read them. They contain a lot of info that right now is Martian to me.

Oh, and no affiliation with any of the sites, just thought I’d share what I discovered. Well, hope you have fun checking out these links and have a nice weekend!