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Today, Blue has taken a turn for the worse. Last night he stuck close, sleeping on the floor next to the bed. Normally, he starts out there but then migrates to the bathroom which he’s adopted as “his” bedroom.

Mornings, he’s normally he’s up and about by nine a.m., but today he stayed there by the bed till about one p.m., then he pulled himself out to lay by the front door. His rear end is pretty much being dragged by his front legs. As the day progressed, he moved from the front door to the cool bathroom tiles and that’s where he is now. No interest in treats, food and didn’t touch his water bowl till about an hour ago. Even his double-squeeky Rocky Raccoon toy didn’t elicit much of anything.

Oh, and he did have another pooping accident during the night. His nose is dry, warm and dull looking.  Rather than follow me about the house like the herding breed he is, he’s pretty much staying planted. It’s 4:15 p.m. and he hasn’t moved around much, the effort to drag his paralyzed legs seems to be exhausting him and they aren’t even able to lift his wee butt up to walk on his knuckles.

So about half an hour ago I called the vet and have a two p.m. appointment at the vet on Monday for the final stage of his life. I really hadn’t thought it would be this soon but then I have to remind myself that DM is a rapidly progressing disease.

I’m hoping for a miracle so I’ll be able to call and cancel my Monday appointment.

To keep my mind off it and help turn off the waterworks, I’ve been visiting Pinterest. I’ve decided to share some of the more serene images in my posts, to lighten the heavy heart. Was reminded of one I pinned awhile ago because someone re-pinned it. So I went to the site and it’s wonderful. The blog it’s from is  PhotographyMojo. This is the image that helped me calm down somewhat today:

Isn’t it stunning and serene. Just what I needed. Hope your day find you happy and in a peaceful place.