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Quite a different face from Saturday's :)

Quite a different face from Saturday’s!

What’s interesting (sadly) about DM is how very alert your dog remains. What’s so painful is how the tail end problems progress. Blue now no longer is aware of when he has to poop. He still knows when he has to pee and drags himself (if I don’t catch him) out the back door.

The two cement steps are a real challenge. While he does get out the door and down the steps occasionally by himself I’m often helping him down as well as up since I don’t want him to hurt himself with a fall.  His rear legs are now so weak that he pees while dragging himself along necessitating a wipe down before coming in. If urine is left on his coat and skin, it’ll burn.

Pooping, as I mentioned is another story. I’m trying to figure out digestive patterns and pooping. I have always “free-fed” my dogs when I had only one or an agreeable two (i.e., two that weren’t food aggressive). It means they can eat whenever they like or need to (a dish of dry food is always available) vs. at a certain time of day. When they had to go out, they just used the doggie door. This house doesn’t have a doggie door so I leave the back door and screen ajar so Blue can exit when needed. At night the door’s obviously closed and locked.

The only problem with this scenario is when your pup decides he’s really hungry and polishes off a whole bowl of food at about 7 p.m. The result is 6:30 a.m. accidents in the house. Sigh…. I’ll probably have to put food out in the morning for an hour or so and then take it away, so he learns to eat early in the day.

I’ve always liked this way of feeding when there’s just one dog, because I think it helps cut down on overeating. Of course, as I said, with more than one, this method could be problematic and cause stress and food aggression, etc. When I first got Blue he weighed 23.4 pounds and needed to be fattened up a bit per my old vet. Recently, while at the new vet’s, Blue weighed in at a nice 25.8 pounds.

What a sweetie! xoxox

What a sweetie! xoxox Look at that adorable face!

After seeing him Saturday and how bad he seemed to be I had made an appointment for today to put him to sleep. Happily, yesterday late in the day he perked up and this morning was acting much better so I canceled the appointment.

He’s actually not dragging his rear as much and has gotten up on all fours! Criss-crossed fours but still not dragging so much. So happy! I know I’ll still have to face it sooner or later, but I think now we’ll just have to go one day at a time.