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It’s very weird, but Blue seems to know he’s leaving me soon. He has spent more time with me in my office than ever before. It’s so wonderful that he likes being with me but I worry that he’s confused and so seeking company and security in my presence. He no longer can get up and down the back steps at all. It’s a total lift of the front then rear, step by step as I said in another post and very hard on both of us.

This morning I woke up to him whimpering at my bedroom door, he usually does this when he wants my attention. I got up and opened the back door to see if he wanted to go out. No, not really. So I went back to bed after petting him and checking his water bowl.

A few minutes later, whimpering again. But by the time I got up he’d already let himself out the back door. Turns out he did have to go out. I found a trail of pee from the doorway, down the hall and across the living room oriental rug, a length of about ten feet. Sigh. It took me forever to clean it up. When I finally finished, I was so pooped that I sat down and lost myself in Pinterest for about an hour, leaving him outside since it was cool. While on Pinterest, I found the following pin.

I should not have read it, since it set off the water works. I feel so bad for him because I know he’s starting to have trouble knowing when he really has to go. And I know he knows not to go in the house, so when he does, I imagine it frustrates him.

So once again, I made an appointment for Monday, in case he doesn’t improve. His ability to walk is really limited and so he winds up on his right hip and drags his hind legs behind him. He’ll go about 10 to 15 feet and then stop and sit there panting, staring into space. After a rest, he continues on his way.

He’s also roaming from room to room aimlessly. I tried playing with him using Rocky Raccoon but it’s very limited play since retrieving it when thrown is no longer possible for him. Even tug of war is difficult since he can’t pull himself away from me to tug, so I dangle Rocky for Blue to grab and then after a bit of non-existant pulling on my part, I let him snatch it from my grip. My grip by the way, is very loose. But the activity cheers him up and tires him out and after a play session he’s not roaming about the house like a lost soul looking for who knows what.

I’m thankful for the reprieve last Monday when he showed improvement, so I’m hoping for another miracle this weekend. I’m a bit worried because he’s also not eating much which isn’t a good sign. So I’ve been tempting him with wet food and cookies. Not much luck there though. Blue:cookie 8-17-3He just stares at the cookie after dropping it on the floor. Poor little honey-bunny. Hope all is well with you and no sadness invades your days. Thank you for stopping by.