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A very tired Corgi.

A very tired little Corgi. Dragging your limp hindquarters is hard work.

It seems like it was just mid-August and in two days, bam, it’ll be Labor Day! My apologies for the two week hiatus, but recent news, events and the weather have conspired to keep me from posting.

First, still adjusting to my SIL having inoperable cancer. It has me waking early, laying in bed and thinking about life in general, worrying about the future of everyone and everything. I know it won’t help but it just weighs on me.

Note his left rear paw.

Note his left rear leg stuck straight out = butt scooting.

Between that and my dear Blue getting a wee bit worse with each passing day, the turmoil in my heart and mind regarding when to help him leave this world tears me apart. I don’t want him to suffer yet I don’t want to be without his sweet company. I don’t think he’s in pain though. Just really frustrated at not being able to cross the wooden floors between area rugs and the tiled sections of the house.

Attempting to turn around without use of rear legs.

Attempting to turn around without use of rear legs.

His rear legs are pretty useless of late, unless he’s on one of the rugs. His front legs are getting weaker. The last few days he’s let out a sad little crying whimper when he gets stuck on a slick surface. I tried some throw rugs between the large area rugs but he just drags them with his butt into a knotted little mess. So I put those away. I’ve had to help scoot his rear end along to get him to where he wants to go.

Blurry, but shows the front end pulling, back end trying.

Sorry, blurry pic, but shows the front end pulling, back end trying.

He no longer spends the day in my office due to the wooden floor but sits just outside the doorway on the living room rug keeping an eye on me between naps. He hasn’t eaten his kibble so I’ve been tempting him with Newman’s treats which seems to be working. If you have a pup I highly recommend this brand. The treats are sweet little hearts and I can actually read, pronounce and know what each of the ingredients are. A rare experience nowadays.

Again, blurry, sorry. This is pretty much how it is.

Again, blurry, sorry. This is pretty much how it is now.

Unfortunately, both my point and shoots (13 year old Olympus and 5 year old Canon 530 have died) so I am sans camera for the first time in many years. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, just when I want to document my time with Blue.

I was hoping to get a DSLR but haven’t digested all the information on them and don’t want to spend $$$$ and not like what I picked. I’m half tempted to pull out my old “film” SLR which was so easy to use. Doesn’t have all the little menus, buttons and icons to figure out. Just pick your film speed, load the camera, set the aperture and lens speed for your purpose and shoot. I just hate to spend $$ developing film. May just have to for a while though. (The photos you see here were taken a few days ago before the camera stopped working.)

Lastly, the weather. After my last post and since, it has been in the 100 to 115F (37.7 to 46.1C) every.freaking.day. A break would be nice…hint to the universe. My office has no air conditioning and the window unit in the bedroom is puffing its little compressor out without much effect. The living room unit is doing the same but covers only the ten foot area in front of it, leaving a large portion of the house HOT.

How hot you ask? Thank you for asking so I can whine some more. 😉 Try on 88 to 94F (31.1 to 34.4C) for size. Plus it’s not cooling off at night as much as it normally does and there’s no breeze. Ugh. When I went to bed last night at midnight it was still 88F in the house.

So sitting in the hot box, formerly know as my office, trying to type with a desk fan one foot from me is rather uncomfortable to say the least. Did you realize you can sweat between your fingers? Makes typing a sticky and trying business.

Interestingly I read an article a few weeks ago on SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which noted that in a recent study, temps above 90F for a prolonged period caused their own set of problems…more crime, robbery, mood disorder, anger and so on. You can tell it’s just wearing everyone down. For the last two weeks I’ve checked the 10 day forecast prior to bed. It has consistently indicated a move toward the low nineties. Only problem is that I find it revised upward by noon the next day. Do you really think forecasters can really predict the weather? I have my doubts.

P.S. I just looked back on my blog when it was on Blogger and apparently on November 4, 2010 it hit 103F. This is not a comforting thought.