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Just fair warning, I’m going to whine mention the weather. How can I not? I detest this miserable heat. Temps today are predicted to be 100F. Wednesday = 104F. It gets “even better” (sarcasm). Thursday, Friday and Saturday = 108F. Followed by 106F, and 102F. Add 5-10 degrees to each number and you’ll have what I’ll be experiencing. I think I can safely say this is a nasty heatwave. Which brings to mind the perfect song for today. Here’s a video to bop to.

Frankly these temps simply demand another video version, just to endure the hotness.

Sadly, no one will ever hear Linda Ronstadt’s voice in song again due to Parkinson’s disease. This is so sad but it just goes to show you that one never knows what the future has in store for us. So be sure to be kind to folks.

Feeling kind of bummed after thinking about Linda, I decided to visit Pinterest for a little shot in the arm of happiness. Really am amazed, it works every time. Found a recipe that I bookmarked to make once the weather returns to “normal” which will probably be sometime in November. This looks like a big dose of comfort food, don’t you think?

You can find the recipe for this delicious looking casserole right here. Another dish I fell for was Eggs Nested in Chard and Shitake Mushrooms. My favorite mushrooms are shitakes and cepes (porcini) mushrooms.

Lastly, for the day, a quote. Something to think about. I wish you happiness.