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Recently, I’ve been waking up at 5 a.m., consistently on weekdays. This happened once before about 3 years ago and lasted about a year, when, I assume, the renter moved away. Normally this neighborhood is amazingly quiet which I’m very grateful for.

Anyway, I attribute it to someone who’s up at that time making some kind of loud or odd noise. Could be the guy who owns a very noisy (rev, rev, rev) motorcycle somewhere nearby or the guy who lives in the other house on this lot taking his huge hound for a walk. No idea. Just. Am. Awake. Dang.

So this a.m. while tossing and turning, the growing light of day finally pushed me out of bed and here I am. It’s 6 a.m., sigh. After sitting for 30 minutes or so (au natural BTW…too much info? Hey, I live alone and Blue doesn’t care.)…are you ready for this? I was cold. Yes, actually, really COLD! HALLELUJAH! I actually HAD to put my robe on. The robe which I love but have worn very little in the last two months. It’s an April Cornell, red cabbage rose print that I bought ages ago. Very vintage looking. Just love it. Wish I had a camera to photograph the fabric, which is rayon, which I also love. It’s so pretty.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Kind of like this.

Funny what you find when you google something like “cabbage rose fabric”. In the search I found this sofa which is rather fun.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.

Sorry, a little segue there. I immediately checked the weather and, again, ready? It’s predicted to be only 90F!!! Joy of joys and the night time temp is supposed to be down in the 50’s. Sorry, yes, I am hot-weather obsessed. What can I say? Tomorrow is supposed to be only 88F! I’m so excited!

Have you ever noticed how, when fall approaches (despite the heat) and trees loose their leaves, how much more traffic noise you can hear? Well, I do. It’s as if the sound waves have nothing to block their paths. Another reason to love trees. Well, that was another tangent out of the blue wasn’t it?

Being up so early I felt quite productive till about 11:30 when I started nodding off while typing. That’s the only drawback to getting up real early when you’re not used to it. Naptime will occur. It only lasted about one and a half hours but it felt good. Blue joined me, crawling under my antique brass bed. It must feel like a little den to him.

This spring and summer the hooligan opossums haven’t been around and I was happy to think they moved on. When they trapsed through the far end of the backyard, they shed fleas which of course Blue picked up. Hello Frontline. My new friend. They also set all the neighborhood dogs off barking. But this year nothing.

Photo Source. Sure they look cute.

Photo Source. Sure they look cute at this age and size…

Photo Source.

Photo Source.   …until they grow up. I originally had a really nasty image, fangs and all, but opted for a cuter version. It grossed me out too much and I thought it would do the same to you.

Sorry, interrupting with another segue. When I google for images (still no camera) I like to credit the source and in this case I discovered some interesting info on getting rid of opossoms. Did you know the state of California prohibits relocating the critters without a special permit. You can check this link out for more info on deterring opossums from your yard and garden. It’s an interesting blog.

Yesterday I had, yes had to go grocery shopping but since it was so bleeding hot, I waited till seven hoping for cooler temps. Upon arriving home in the dark what did I spot frozen in my headlights in front of the garage door? An opossum teenager. Since I have to bring the groceries in through the garage and I didn’t want the critter to scurry into some cranny in the garage, I turned off my headlights and waited a minute or so. Sometimes have an irrational fear of wildlife, I forget most are more afraid of me than vice versa. When I turned the lights back on the coast was clear. Whew.

The evening had cooled quite nicely which was a treat. Ate my salad, watched some Hulu on the computer and went to bed. I just poked my nose outside and it’s cooling nicely with a light breeze as the sun goes down.

Hope you’re having a pleasant evening!

P.S. Okay, the weather report was being optimistic predicting 90F. It actually hit 95 but that’s still way better than 100+++.