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There has been a disturbance in the force. At least in my world. Trader Joe’s has changed the dressing in their boxed Caesar salad! Seriously, why do companies fix something that’s not broken? The former version was perfect. The new one is very vinegary with heavy overtones of mustard. Gag.

After consuming the first (I buy three at a time) of the new, revised version, I couldn’t believe how little it tasted like Caesar dressing. Figured it must have just been a bad batch, so I went ahead the next day and had another. Again, gag. Equally as bad. The end result was to dump it and return the last with the receipt.

That’s one thing I have to compliment TJ’s on. They are very open about returns. They credited me for all three salads which I thought was very generous. While there I noticed the salad that comes with chicken vs. without (which is what I had been buying), had the “old” little tubs of dressing so I snatched several up. I hope they don’t change this salad too.

While at TJ’s, I picked up a bottle of their Caesar Romano salad dressing, hoping that it would be like the one in the boxed salad that I like so well. Not even remotely close. So that went back to yesterday. Again TJ’s blows me away. Reminds me of Nordstrom. Really. I remember buying a pair of flats (loved them) that stretched way out, returning to the store and asking for a size smaller. The woman asked for the ones I was wearing, disappeared behind the curtain and a minute later came out with a new pair, one half size smaller. I could tell they’d be perfect once they stretched out. I said “I’ll take them”.

The kicker was, I didn’t have my original shoes so I asked where they were so I could go  and pay for the new pair. She looked at me and said, “you’re all set to go”. My reply “but I have to pay for these. She said “no, this is Nordstrom, you’re all set to go”. I almost fell over. At the time, these were $90 shoes!

Well, that’s what happened today when I forgot to bring the Caesar Romano dressing which was in the car, with me into the store. In the checkout, I suddenly remembered it and mentioned to Ariel who was ringing me up, that I forgot it. She asked which one it was and promptly refunded it, telling me to just toss the one in the car when I got home! Shocked the heck out of me. These are the reasons certain businesses thrive…superior customer service.

via Pinterest. From Key Ingredient.

via Pinterest. From Key Ingredient.

So now the hunt for recipes begins. Luckily, during my search for low sodium recipes for my other salads, I know I have several bookmarked. Such as Caesar Salad with Sourdough Croutons and Eggless Caesar Dressing from The Kitchn, neither of which use eggs. I really am not keen on separating eggs in order to get the yolks. Despite saying I’ll use the white in something, they inevitably get tossed.

There’s also a Caesar dressing from Frieda Loves Bread which includes grilled chicken that’s been marinated in the same. Last, there’s Greek yogurt dressing from How Sweet It Is which sounds good too.

Food.com offered a Caesar Salad Dressing recipe (with egg yolks) that got rave reviews. Last we have The World’s Best Caesar Salad Dressing in the Universe from sodeluchious.com. Really? Who knows but worth a try (and no eggs).

The last one I found was located via Pinterest from Key Ingredient and is definitely in the running. It uses a 5 minute soft cooked egg in an unusual way in the mixture. It also is made without mayo. One recipe I found used 2 cups of mayo. I like mayo and all but 2 cups? No thank you.

I’ll let you know how the experiments go. One thing I know I want to do is compare is the technique of using anchovies and salt to make a paste vs. using anchovy paste in a tube.


Again, will let you know. I already bought my little tin of Trader Joe’s anchovies (such a cute little tin), so I’m all set in that department. Wish me luck!