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Of late, it seems spaghetti pie/casserole or some version thereof is making the Pinterest/blog rounds. I remember it from the late 70’s. In fact, the employees at the furniture store where I worked at the time decided to create a cookbook to raise money for a charity I’ve since forgotten the name of.

The premise was, that to be included in the cookbook, you had to make your chosen recipe and bring it into a massive potluck at work. All the employees would then vote on what to include in the book. It was quite fun! As always I somehow wound up being the editor and illustrator. How I got this job, I’ll never know. But it seems I’m always “it”.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. ย Spaghetti Pie from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

Anyhow, one of the women, Florence, who wo-“manned” the store’s phones was Italian, very sweet and quiet, and mentioned her family’s spaghetti pie which was generations old. After much urging (none of us had ever heard of spaghetti pie) she brought it in for the potluck. It was the absolute favorite of all the delicacies gracing the lunchroom tables that day. What’s not to love? Pasta, cheese and whatever else you’re in the mood for, all baked into a pan of heavenly delight. I’d share it with you but the cookbook is currently buried in a box somewhere in storage.

Anyhow, of late, I been finding recipes for this dish all over the place. The first was spotted three weeks ago on a blog and now I find at least three to four per day between food blogs and Pinterest. So, since I don’t have Florence’s recipe, I thought I’d share a few of the others that I’ve run across.

The first is Tuna Spaghetti pie found on this on Katie’s blog (note: no connection to anyone or any source or recipe mentioned) Thyme for Cooking. It’s actually an interesting blog since she’s from Minnesota/Wisconsin and now lives in France. She also has a second pie made in a springform mold which sounds equally as good. Another recipe can be found on this blog. There’s also a photo there that’s the closest I could find to what Florence’s pie looked like.

Then we have Baked Spaghetti with Ricotta found on Pam’s blog, For the Love of Cooking. That’s followed by Mel’s recipe described as “My Family’s Favorite Dinner” and I can see why. I’m including two pics from her post (I checked and she allows this as long as one links back which I always do). Getting a good looking photo of spaghetti pie is as hard as a pic of stroganoffs, but hers are great. She also has a lot of delicious recipes on the blog and on her Pinterest site.

Which brings me to the fact that if you want about a billion (okay, maybe not a billion…) recipes for this dish just head over to Pinterest and search for “spaghetti pie recipe”.

You know, writing about food on an empty stomach was not such a good idea. I’m now going to search for something to call breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚