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Jeesh, I’m up early!

Note:  this was written over the course of the week. Again, the camera’s still dead and can’t decide on a new one…sorry. 😦

Thursday (last) is was my scheduled appointment with the infection specialist/surgeon to see if he’ll do the total knee replacement on my left knee. To recap, I’ve been to three orthopedic surgeons about it and no one will take me on due to the psoriasis on my legs/body and high risk of infection. And yes, I am a total and complete mess. (Sub-note: gotta laugh or cry…I choose to laugh.)

The appointment was on 10/10 at 10:00 a.m. so I was hoping a trifecta of 10-10-10 and that this is the third time (third time’s a charm) I’ve made an appointment with him (the other two were canceled) would actually come to fruition. I’ve been walking on this sad little left knee with no cartilage whatsoever (bone on bone) now for 1.75 years. That can’t be good for it, or for my right knee. Turns out it wasn’t. But we’ll deal with that later.

Okay…OMG! The “trifecta” worked! The appointment wasn’t canceled!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, can’t escape my enthusiasm!)

via Google images.

via Google images. St. Vincent’s

On Thursday 10/10/13:  I drove to my dearest friend’s home and she ferried me to St. Vincent’s hospital (oldest in LA – 1856) for my appointment with the one of a kind infection specialist/ surgeon, Dr. M. (Only took one, plus 3/4 years to get there after 2 cancellations…sigh.)

Anyhow, found out I had to have MORE xrays. This doctor doesn’t care about MRI’S (I brought mine with me). He only cares about xrays done to his specifications in the lab and how the knees are “positioned”. BUT the cost would be (with insurance) $2500+. Two freaking x-rays…AAAUUUGGGHHHHH! I became a puddle.

Thankfully, my friend who drove me, was great at mediating my lack of funds vs. the $2500 and the office manager, A, was a saint/angel/grace.

She worked her way up the “food chain” trying to get my payment down. Several hours went by and in the end she obtained approval for me to get the rate charged to those who have either no insurance or only major catastrophic insurance. So the cost was $370!! A difference of $2130!

Angels follow me, I swear, seriously. I mean…they REALLY do.

On top of that, A, the office manager, advised me on the best use of my current insurance (since their office and many other doctors’ offices won’t sign on to ACA aka Obamacare). So, I’m going to start all the tests required for this surgery in January 2014 and it will occur in early February.


Since this a very pricy surgery due to the complications of psoriasis, it will eat up my high (and I mean high) deductible. BUT, after that all medical costs will be covered at 100%!

Can you believe it??? Seriously, angels attend me. And I’m not even religious! I just believe in grace.

I think that what you put out into the world really comes back to you (aka…karma). How you treat people in the course of your life, really does “come around”. It’s so amazing to me every time I witness it!

May all your days be blessed and thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit. You are very dear to me. May “grace” attend you.