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It’s been a while. Don’t know why, but then I often don’t. Just didn’t have a lot to post I guess. Or maybe my current life is a bit overwhelming at the moment…don’t know. So I’m falling back on Pinterest for this post because it seems there’s a lot of inspiration there for me. It makes me happy and I’ve written before about how being happy is the most important thing in one’s life.

Image Source.
Image Source.

This may be a bit of a negative post so I’ll apologize in advance. It’s been a rough period and I’m looking for quotes to center and balance me.

Source. Yup.
Source. Oh lordy….

Source. Yes and yes again.
via Pinterest.
via Pinterest. So, so true.
I love quotes…they’re so inspiring!

Love the one above!! And lastly…  🙂

Love this one! Have a glorious weekend! Love you! xox