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I was sitting here typing yesterday at about six p.m. and suddenly thought how oddly dark it seemed outside. But figured it was just heavy clouds coming in so didn’t pay any more attention to it, then I noticed the time on my computer vs. the clock on the stove. Hmmm? What’s with that?

Then looked at the time on my phone. Hmmm? Suddenly it dawned on me, Pacific Standard Time must have gone into effect sometime over the weekend. Surprised the heck out of me. Usually I see and hear all kinds of notices and “don’t forgets” about “falling back”. This year? Nothing, not a peep!

This is kind of what I felt like.

via Pinterest.   This is kind of what I felt like. (This pic cracks me up!)

I didn’t even get to enjoy the extra hour of sleep! Not to mention the fact that it’s now much brighter, much earlier in the morning. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? I’m not, in case you wondered. So I woke up way too early today.

I really wish the powers that be would just leave us on Daylight Savings Time. It’s so much more practical. Who wants to leave work when it’s already dark? Fine, you get a bit of sun in the morning then spend all day indoors only to walk out the office door into darkness.

On top of that it gets colder earlier and requires turning on the heat. Luckily I have gas heating which isn’t as expensive as electricity. My friend’s apartment has electric wall units and she dreads the bills winter brings. She says they’re as bad as summer when she runs the window air conditioners.

So now it’s six p.m. and the mailman has just delivered the mail. Bet he’s not too thrilled with the darkness. Anyhow, that’s just my two cents for the day.

Please note, I am thankful it’s not in the high 90’s like last year. We’ve actually had a decent fall. I may just be in the mood for Thanksgiving for once. Having grown up in the Midwest, there’s got to be a chill in the air to feel the spirit of the holidays.

Photo  Source.

Photo Source.  There’s an interesting recipe at that link.

Hmm, I must be getting in a holiday mood because I can’t stop thinking about turkey now that I mentioned Thanksgiving. Can’t decide if I should make a whole turkey or just a breast. Only made a breast once which involved a crock pot. That was the Thanksgiving fiasco of 2009. Not going there again. I’m hoping Pinterest will have some ideas for me.

Since I found out just a few years ago that I could make a pretty decent dressing in a casserole dish I may just do the latter (turkey breast and casserole of stuffing). I should qualify this a bit, when I was married, the person I was married to, always did the holiday cooking. So holiday cooking is fairly new to me.

Actually he did 75% of the cooking…his hobby. Anyhow, he always made extra dressing and cooked it in a separate dish alongside the turkey. Every year it came out dry and pretty much inedible for humans but made for three very happy dogs. It never dawned on me to question his cooking. Turns out, you only need to cook the dressing for 30 minutes! I love Pepperidge Farm Cubed Stuffing. Just add diced onion and celery then follow the directions.

For the stuffing in the casserole, just dot with butter, cover and cook at 325F (163C) for 30 minutes. Comes out almost as good as if cooked in the bird. Well, I’ve gone on long enough. Have a lovely day tomorrow!