This year I’m giving thanks for the three years and just three days shy of four months Blue was with me. My dear-heart.  My companion. My protector. He was such a good dog to find at a high kill shelter and to be a pedigreed dog, it still amazes me. He was guess-timated at three years old.

Blue  ~ 2009 to 11/18/2013

Blue ~ 2009 to 11/18/2013  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sadly, as you know he had degenerative myelopothy and got progressively worse over the last 11 months. He left me by my hand on November 18, 2013.

I picked him up (his ashes) yesterday so he could be with me and all my other loves on Thanksgiving.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Unknown.

I know that sounds terribly sad, but I have yet to find a place to “leave” them.

A reader wrote something recently about leaving her Huskies in a snow bank. I may just drive up to Mt. Baldy if we get some snow and do that. No idea, really.

I hope your holidays are happy and your Thanksgiving peaceful.

Thank you so much for following and checking in on my blog. Have sweet dreams tonight and a wonderful Thanksgiving!