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Alpine ~ 2006

Alpine ~ 2006 (in heavy winter coat) She loved laying in flower beds, flattening all the leaves of the day-lilies. 😉

Making arrangements for a pet “funeral” or leave-taking is tough when it’s you who lost the little soul. Can’t imagine what it was like for my brother (he was the executor of my parents’ estates) in 2000 when my Dad died and my Mom, 29 days later. Good grief, you’re gutted like a fish and still have to function under some of the most painful feelings.

I have to say that I’m glad I journaled about my time with Blue. The last two weeks are a blur so having a record of what I did and how I felt helps. Still profoundly sad.

Yesterday as I put my new camera in its box on the left side of my desk, I spotted an open bag of Newman’s Own Organic treats. The little heart-shaped ones, and again…waterworks. Reminders. His leash hanging on the hall coat tree as I put my jacket on it. More things to put away.

I’ll have to see if the couple in the other house on this property want the assortment of opened treats and food for their dog. I hate to throw it all awayl

Hopefully the manager at Pavilions will let me return the six unopened bags of the heart treats and the three bags of Beggin’ Strips. Towards the end, I sort of stockpiled, not wanting to run out and disappoint Blue. If not, I’ll donate them somewhere.

It just dawned on me, I now have another important day/holiday bookended by loss. The first is my birthday with my Dad on one side and my Mom on the other. The newest is Thanksgiving. With Blue as the first bookend and Alpine as the latter. She died at 2 a.m. November 30, 2009. Four years ago today. She left without my help, peacefully, in her sleep. Sigh.

On a happier note, I spent Thanksgiving with my friend S, her husband, mother, niece and her niece’s husband. I had a wonderful time. It was so nice to be surrounded by people after seven years of Thanksgiving alone with my fur-kids. Not that my four-legged loves weren’t excellent company, just every now and then getting to enjoy humans is a nice thing. I even took pics. However, the new camera I bought about 14 days ago is not functioning. Actually I think it’s the memory card that’s on the fritz which means a trip to Best Buy.

Hopefully they’ll be able to download the pics somehow if the card is compromised. And equally as hopefully, replace it with a new card.

Why is it that everything I buy at BB, has a problem within weeks of purchase? Since it’s only been 14 days from purchasing, I’ll go back with it all tomorrow and see what can be done. I also noticed a price drop of $50 which I’ll have to talk to them about. Wish me luck. Hey, tomorrow we wake up to December! Where did the year go?