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Photo Source. I love the peacefulness of this photo.

Can you believe that Christmas is barely hours away? As the days have passed, I have been hearing more and more sirens as the holiday approaches (you’ll recall I live on what I refer to as “siren alley”)…fire, police, ambulance…moaning and wailing as they pass near and far. To me it signifies the craziness and stress that the holidays have become tainted with. Whenever I hear one, I say a little prayer that it’s not anything too serious and that no one will suffer, be hurt or lost. Not at this time of year.

Each year I’m less inclined to venture out, even for groceries (let’s not even think of a mall). People are in such a rush. They drive like crazies, tailgating and honking. I wish there was a way to warn them. “Don’t run about, spend time with those you love. For you don’t know when or where the time will come for them to leave.” And it’s such a horribly, chokingly, permanent thing.

Getting the perfect gift, putting yourself in debt mean nothing. Your presence and love mean everything whether you realize it now or not. When the holidays roll around and those you love are no longer here, you suddenly realize how little “the perfect gift” really meant.

Memories will be what’s left so make good ones that will tide you over once they leave this earth till you meet them on the other side.

In some ways I’m lucky while being unlucky. Having lost most of my family (other than my brother) in the last decade-plus, shopping is no longer a big issue. I have a birthday gift for my dear friend S. (12/23). As far as my niece (12/27) and my brother (12/29), a card will suffice since I have so little contact with them. My emails and ecards are left unanswered or returned. Meh. I’ve collected a few things over the year that I need to dump in a Priority box to send to my brother’s family. Some items are things I’ve made in the past, others are as simple as fun t-shirts for the boys.

I visited Target’s website about three weeks ago and bought two pair of fluffy house slippers for myself, on sale too. How great! So that’s pretty much it for me and Christmas. Without Blue, it’ll be very quiet here. No special dinner plans. I was thinking of “braving” Trader Joe’s this afternoon to pick up some smoked salmon, dip and crackers but decided it’s not worth the stress. There’s a can or two of smoked trout in the cupboard and cream cheese in the fridge, so a little dip may appear tomorrow with a few slices of a baguette that’s hiding in the freezer.

I may try a trial subscription to Netflix since there’s so little to watch on television. And I’ll surround myself with a warm and cozy blanket of happy memories from holidays past. My Mom and Aunt M. in the kitchen with a turkey or ham, Dad in the den trying to ignore Uncle H. and my brother and I savoring all the wonderful scents, getting hungrier by the minute.

Photo Source Unknown.

Photo Source Unknown.

I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and hope you make many warm and special memories this year. Thank you dear friends for visiting, I appreciate each and every one of you!