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Sometimes I just marvel at the daily fluctuations in So Cal’s temps. Like today, the high was 78F (25.5C) and tonight it’ll drop to 43F (6.1C), that’s 35 degrees. For tomorrow’s Rose Parade it’ll be in the mid-80’s and by Sunday the upper 80’s. Nights will hover in the low 40’s. No rain in sight which I’m sure pleases the float makers and those who camp out on Orange Grove Blvd. which is the start of the parade where all the floats line up. Colorado Blvd. is also packed with campers.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.     Colorado Blvd looking East.

At least this year it’ll be a bit warmer than last year’s low 30’s. I used to live within two blocks of Orange Grove and we used to walk over there at the crack of dawn, thus avoiding the crowds. This was pre-9/11 so you could actually get within a foot or two of the floats. It was amazing to see the construction of all natural materials.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.    More of Colorado Blvd.

I feel so lucky to have had that experience since there’s no way I’d be campin’ out now that I live two suburbs away. In fact I avoid Pasadena like the plague from December 15 through January 5. Why? Because of the crowds and chaos. Between the last minute shoppers in Old Towne, the construction of scaffolded seating up and down Orange Grove and Colorado, the swarm of RV’s that descend upon the city, the crazy partying following the Bowl on January 1 and then the massive cleanup on January 2, well, it’s just not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in the area, it’s something you should do at least once. It’s an experience unto itself. If your college is in the Rose Bowl, by all means, but IMO, once is enough. I’m quite happy to watch reruns of the parade online in my nice toasty house. BTW, received the gas bill for the month and it’s four times higher than normal, so I’ll be going back to massive layering to stay snug. Plus need to talk to the gas company, my bill’s never, ever been this high.

Just in case you’re wondering Michigan State is playing Stanford this year as the Rose Bowl turns 100. No I’m not that “up” on sports or Rose Bowl history, had to google it. 🙂

Happy New Year! May 2014 greet you with a warm embrace and unlimited positive possibilities! Thank you for stopping by! xo C