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Since my last post, (holy cow, did two weeks just vanish on me?) I finally found the root cause of all the suddenly expensive prescriptions…ones that used to cost only $10. I use CVS because it’s close to my house and has a drive thru for pick ups. Apparently the Affordable Care Act is wreaking havoc not with just Blue Cross.

The guy at the drive thru couldn’t figure out what was going on and so I had to go inside. After giving him my Blue Cross card, he discovered some ninny at CVS (he had no idea who or why) had taken all the Blue Cross info off my account and entered something called Catalyst. Turns out, Catalyst is simply some kind of prescription discount program. Not a very good one though, imo.

As a result, the generic costs all vanished. Hence the $130 price tag for what was a $10 refill. After he re-entered the BC info, poof, the price went back to $10. Is that nuts or what? Even the $1,000+ Taclonex dropped to $560. Still too obscenely rich for my blood.

Went back to the derm again and she had a solution. Essentially Taclonex is just Clobetasol and a proprietary formula of vitamin D. So she prescribed Clobetasol and Calcitrene (vitamin D in ointment form) for a grand total of $20.00.

I’m to use Clobetasol in the a.m. and Calcitrene in the p.m., plus she gave me 2 samples (1 pill per sample) of Replesta which is 50,000 IU of vitamin D3. I’m to take one pill a month to boost my level of vitamin D. Supposedly one out of two adults have a D deficiency. It must be a time released drug…hopefully…since the normal daily requirement is 1,200 milligrams.

I Googled Replesta and found it also strengthens nails and helps with joint pain. So that’s good since the psoriasis has taken a toll on my nails. Plus any help with one’s joints is always a positive thing. Only problem is that I now feel like a walking pharmacopeia or hypochondriac.

Since my Mom was raise in the Christian Science religion and my Dad believed, deep down, that all doctors were “witch doctors”, I’ve noticed I have a strong resistance mentally to taking drugs which has become worse as I get older. Still remember my Dad getting fed up with all the meds he was on and one day, out of the blue, just stopped taking them. Then he’d have health issues, have to see the doc who would put him back on everything. This happened about every ten months or so, as I recall.

He tried to get Mom to go along with him, but despite her religious upbringing, dutifully kept taking her 27 pills per day. Kind of gives your kids very mixed signals. So I’m still up in the air mentally. More later.