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Well, yesterday I called the ortho surgeon’s office to postpone (again) my knee surgery. I was immediately transferred to the office manager. When I explained to her that I wouldn’t get the stitches from the derm surgery out until five days before the knee surgery. She nixed all my appointments and told me to call back and re-schedule when the stitches are out and I’m completed healed, cancer-free with a note from my dermatologist. Not happy about that after 2.25 years of pain when walking.
Photo Source Amazon.com

Photo Source Amazon.com Obviously I need this.

On a more humorous note, I spent the last couple of days getting ready for my surgery at the dermatologist’s office by doing laundry, getting groceries such as soft, small-bite foods that won’t be difficult to get into my mouth in case the area on the lip swells dramatically. I’m recalling the time in college when my upper and lower wisdom teeth on the right side of the mouth were removed at the same time. My jaw and cheeks were so puffed up that I could only open my mouth far enough to get half a green grape in. And then I had to “tongue” it to death because the swelling wouldn’t let my teeth touch.

I even found a book to read while at the derm so didn’t have to buy new one. Forgot I had this. BTW I’m starting to see the beauty of a small Kindle when I look at the size of this paperback (1″ thick) by Dan Brown. I had my whole tote planned out with bottled water, book, sweater (gets cold in the derm’s office), and so on. Even reduced my purse contents to a small pouch.

Anyhow, I called the derm office today to ask if, while I was there for surgery tomorrow, I could use the light booth. The receptionist, P. was confused. “I don’t have you down for tomorrow.” I told her yes, I had an appointment with Dr. M. for surgery. She paused and after about 30 seconds came back to tell me my appointment was next Tuesday! Here I had somehow swapped my now-canceled pre-op date with the derm date. I REALLY must get a calendar and demand one of those little appointment cards each time. I felt like a complete ninny.

Oh well. On the bright side, it does give me time to make the whole chicken I bought yesterday. I have a new crock pot recipe I want to try out, so this gives me the whole day. Plus my friend, S. who told me she would drive me, still had the right date down on her calendar (unlike me) and so there would be no interruption to her schedule. Thus, happily, it all worked out in the end.

This is the link to the recipe I have in mind. I’ll be using Meyer lemons vs. the usual Eurekas found in groceries. Some of the comments about the recipe complained that it was too lemony. Well I like lemons, plus, with Meyers, the chance of bitterness is almost nil. Plus, if I don’t use the little yellow orbs withering in the fridge, they’ll soon be tiny little rocks.  :0

Photo Source. The Kitchn.

Photo Source. The Kitchn.

While checking a few other crock pot chicken recipes that are bookmarked and looking looking at the photo above, I might use the advice from Kristin on her blog IowaGirlEats. She suggests putting balls of crinkled aluminum foil under the chicken so it doesn’t get all soggy and grease-laden from sitting in the fat which melted off the chicken (from the skin).

I may also follow part of her recipe and strip most of the skin except for what’s on the breasts, equalling less fat but still moist white meat. Her recipe sounds pretty good, so that may be what I try next.

Since the crock pot is still fairly new to me, even though I’ve had mine for over four years. I don’t know all the ins and outs, like size. It’s these “little” things that throw me. For example, she used a 3 1/2 – 4 pound chicken in a 5 quart pot and my pot is 4 quarts but the chicken is almost 5 pounds. Foil balls may be out. Though someone in a comment on some blog mentioned using a steamer basket vs. foil. Maybe yes, maybe no. So I could be going the Dutch oven route tomorrow. I’m just very comfortable with a Dutch oven. We’ll see. Any crock post recipes you like?

Oh, and in my last post, I mentioned crabmeat on sale. Well, Ralph’s did just what I had a feeling they’d do. Crab legs cost $27.98 per pound so even at 50% off that’s still too pricy for me, so never did make crab cakes. However, the only Albertson’s near me is being closed (drats!) so I did avail myself of their closing prices and bought two cans of crab meat for 50% off. Now that’s a deal worth taking advantage of. Again, any recipes you’ve had success with? And how about a recipe for a sauce to go along side?