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Well, I just read that the Great Lakes are nearly completely frozen. On average they’re 88% frozen. Lake Superior is a stunning 95% solid ice. I wonder what happens to the fish when this happens? Do they die as I imagine they would? What a shame.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. The Great Lakes.

Thinking of this reminded me just how freakishly cold Lake Michigan was when we took our sunfish sailboat out in late June. OMG. Immediate and painful numbness (I never have understood how one can be almost numb and still in pain) of the legs till you could fling yourself into the boat. Hadn’t thought of that in ages. Can’t imagine how long it’ll take to warm up this year.

I recently read that a veterinary clinic in Fargo, ND is taking in stray cats brought by people who found them dying in -40F weather. The clinic is removing the frostbite suffered by feet, legs, tails and ears, and then, when healthy enough, putting them up for adoption. How wonderful is that?

I can’t even imagine how wildlife survives such weather much less domestic pets that are left out. And then you have states like Idaho paying hunters to kill off wolves. I really wish their efforts would go towards rescue vs. slaughter. Fortunately, an emergency injunction to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit stopped the killing, at least till June 30. This was courtesy of Earthjustice.

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Photo Source. This isn’t right IMO.

I signed up to get emails from Earthjustice a while back and have signed several of their petitions on behalf of the wolves. You can read more about it here. I’m really amazed at the power these grassroots petitions can have on government and bigAg. Well, I’ll get off my soapbox now, sorry.

It all makes me feel bad when I reflect back on Monday. The thermometer outside read a sunny 86F (30C) here. How weird is that? I mean, it’s mid-February and we have yet to see any sign of winter other than one half day of rain. The plants and trees are totally confused. The gardenias are blooming. Geraniums are a riot of color. The hibiscus even has a flower.

This year, the avocado in the back yard had THREE, yup, three fruits vs. the usual 150+. To add insult to injury, the squirrels or fruit rats got to them first. Of course, part of the lack of fruit I attribute to overwatering of the lawn. I have asked the property manager for two years to cut back, but no. Sprinklers go on every night, except Saturday and Sunday for 40 minutes. This, as we sit in what Governor Brown has declared a “mega-drought”.

It’s my sincere hope that all this insane weather finally settles down. Having gone through the hideous winter of ’79-’80 when I lived in the Midwest, I can imagine how bad “cabin fever” must be in the East, especially with news that another polar vortex is about to descend on the Midwest and Northeast. Please stay warm and safe if you live in the areas impacted.