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This post didn’t get finished or published when I planned…was a bit rattled about today’s lip surgery, so this has turned into “Trilogy:  Part ll”.

Surgery Day

Today, I drove to my dear friend S.’s house and she drove me to the doctor for surgery. Conveniently, she had a dental appointment down the street an hour later. I have to say again, I really like this dermatologist and the staff. Very relaxing and caring.

They numbed me up remarkably well, starting with a topical then a shot like you’d get at the dentist and added a nerve block for good measure. That was at 9:30 a.m., it’s now 2:45 p.m. and it’s just sort of wearing off around the edges. My jaw aches just from being so tense. My own fault.

I’d add a photo here but don’t want to gross you out. I can tell you that I caught a glimpse of myself as I left the office and laughed because I look like I belong in the commercial “got milk?” with the bandaid across the upper lip.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Okay, no resemblance other than the milk bandage mustache.

The surgery was painless and she only had to take one chunk from my lip. This surgical technique takes the least amount needed to assure one is cancer-free. (They keep removing tissue. There’s a tech on site who, with the doctor keep examining it, till the perimeter is clear.)  About 1/4 inch+ was removed vertically but she didn’t have to cut into the skin above the lip line. Yay! Then invisible sutures pulled the inner lip back together and clear ones took care of the outer part. Another bonus. I had worried about this because I figured the stitches would be black and didn’t want to look like I had whiskers. Yes, I know, of all the things to worry about.

Early on, P., the receptionist, told me that when they had all day surgery like this, they order lunch in and asked if I wanted a sandwich. Being all numb and not yet swollen I said sure. Well, they gave it to me when I went to leave. After getting home, I decided to take a bite. Oops, my top lip was so ballooned that my top front teeth couldn’t bite in. Lol, it was a pretty funny feeling. So I was right in my plans for a liquid diet. That or cut everything up into itty-bitty pieces!

So that’s how my day has gone so far, which is quite well. Of course, when the numbing agents wear off, I’m sure I’ll be whining. And as the swelling continues to bloom despite regular icing, I’ll probably be crabby about that, but on the whole (knock on wood) all went fairly well. So I’m off to bed for a long nap.