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This post didn’t get finished or published when I planned…was recovering from the lip surgery, so this has turned into “A Trilogy” and this is Part lll.

Recovering (Sorry, no photos…but would you really want any?)

So it’s been three days since the surgery and I have to say, so far I’m impressed.  Surprisingly little to no pain! All seems to be progressing well. I iced the daylights out of it (in intervals of course) per the doctor and nurses and it’s really gone down.

Did give me an idea of how I’d look if I had my lips augmented like some actresses and celebrities.

Of course, it isn’t a really great example since my lower lip is sitting quite petite-like under the upper one. 🙂  Yes, still puffy, though not nearly as much. And the wound sight still looks like…well…a wound in all ways, but cancer-free. Yay!

Getting used to the schedule of pills, cleansing and so on, but nothing as bad as I’d feared (let’s knock on wood…just in case). Fortunately, my friend S. gave me a handful of straws when she dropped me off (the woman has quite a large stash from fast food places in her glove compartment!) which was great since trying not to get the dressing wet with the remaining puffy lip requires drinking through a straw in the far left corner of my mouth.

I’ve actually been shocked at the food I’m able to eat. Thought for sure I’d be using my immersion blender to puree the noodles into the broth of the Campbell’s chicken noodle soup…but no. This is way better than my previously posted recollection of wisdom teeth removal in college. 🙂

Facts I’ve discovered:
– This kind of surgery can result in cold sores so I have pills to take
– Ditto with psoriasis outbreaks at the wound site, but no pills
– Ice is your best friend (well, you probably already knew that)
– Don’t touch wound site even with a clean facial tissue (I really threw them into a tizzy when I did)
– Only use a sterile gauze pad or Q-tip to touch the site
– Apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to keep area moist and again, no fingers, etc.

So that’s the way it is here at Grey House and I’m very thankful for the end result to all of this. If I was a bit too graphic or descriptive for your tastes, sorry, but I felt it was needed to help anyone else who may find themselves in a similar boat. The “C-word” isn’t as bad as one’s mind can make it seem sometimes. Bless you and peace.