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I wrote this post on February 13 and totally forgot about it (in fact the avocado part of this post repeats itself in a future post since I completely forgot this post in light of the upcoming surgery) so since I’ve gone mad publishing several posts today, what’s another one? So get in Mr. Sherman and Peabody’s WABAC/Wayback Machine and relive February 13.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. The link has some interesting info btw.

Since receiving the news about my lip, I’ve had nightmares off and on. This isn’t normal for me so I’m attributing it to fear of the unknown. Fortunately Joanne of the blog, Eats Well With Others posted a comment on Tuesday that of all the cancers one can get, squamous has the best prognosis which is probably why Dr. Z was smiling when she gave me the news.

Well, that apparently took a load off my mind because the last two nights have been nightmare-free! Thanks Joanne! This is why I like blogging, you get to meet the best people! Joanne btw is an MD/PhD student in NYC and has some great vegetarian recipes like this one. Can’t wait to make these yummy cabbage rolls.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.  Stuffed Cabbage with Ricotta, Rice and Pine Nuts.

She also has an ample supply of baked goods and sweets. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, let me intoduce you to a wonderful, easy red velvet cake from Joanne. Her Rosy Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. OMG.

And I just so happen to have two bricks of Philly Cream Cheese in the fridge with no mission other than to grace a bagel this weekend. I may just hijack one and make this cake. Seems like quite an easy recipe.

What I like about her vegetarian recipes is that they’re not all cold lettuce salads. Especially in winter, I like some warm meals. Not that it’s been that cold here of late. (Sorry if you’re sitting in snow.) It’s been in the 80’s (26 – 32C) which is totally confusing all the plant life. For example the avocado tree had only three four avocados on it this winter which the squirrels got to first.

My Yellowing Avocado.

My Yellowing Avocado.

Normally it has hundreds of green pear shaped fruits. But this year only three four and it flowered in January. Normally the tree flowers in March or April.

Healthy Avocado, two doors over. Note, very green leaves.

Healthy Avocado, two doors over. Note, very green leaves.

Well, I got off-track there didn’t I? I still didn’t introduce you to Joanne’s Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette which I made…how could I not?

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Look at it…delicious!

The only thing I did differently is cut down on the amount of squash and up the onions. Love caramelized onions. Seriously delicious. Kind of reminded me of Trader Joe’s A Taste of Alsace “tart/pizza”. Only better!

You might also want to check out her Spinach and Chard Ravioli Nudi. You’ll recall my post a while back on gnocchi and gnudi. Never knew the difference till I did a little research.

Nudi or gnudi are easier to make than gnocchi that use potatoes. They turn into the softest little pillows which when napped with a homemade tomato sauce are utterly delicious. Note: the post for the above nudi includes a recipe for a simple tomato sauce also.

And before fresh cranberries and Meyer Lemons vanish till next year I want to make her Meyer Lemon Cranberry Poppy Seed Muffins.

Don’t these look delicious? She described them as not overly sweet, which is right up my alley. So do take a little stroll over and visit her blog Eats Well with Others, you won’t regret it! Enjoy!

And thank you Joanne for allaying my fears, I slept much better! xo