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My apologies for the absence but the skin problems took me away from the computer for two weeks. The post below was written on March 1, 2014. Isn’t the rain beautiful?

March 1, 1014
RAIN! It started around 1 a.m. Friday and woke me up! Joy of joys! We and the rest of the country that benefits from California’s produce, needed it soooooo much. It will not take us out of the drought but anything is a gift.

We went from .25% rainfall for the winter to flash floods in the blink of an eye. Supposedly it’s supposed to go on for a day or three. Thank heavens! So far it rained most of Friday and most of this afternoon. Quite heavily at times.




Much of the back and front yards are under water. I don’t want to even think how much water has leaked into the garage in two spots. 😦  Hopefully nothing will be damaged.

This afternoon, as I sat here typing this post we even had the thrill of rolling thunder. First, at about 1 p.m. for a good ten minutes. Blue would have been beside himself and I would have had to tether him on the short leash to my chair to calm him as I noted in a past post.

About two hours later, more thunder and about an hour later, even more. All while pouring heavily. The front brick flower planters have a good four inches of water in them. Of course, the guys who built them for the landlord did not put in any means of draining them, so hopefully the plants in them will survive being under water till it evaporates.

Funny, while sitting here, my cell phone gave off an odd ring and a text message appeared announcing flash floods were predicted in nearby areas. Never had that happen before.

So now its about 6:30 p.m. and all’s quiet. Tomorrow supposedly has a 40% chance of rain. Hopefully it will show up. So it was quite a “weather” day here in normally sunny  So Cal. Finally.