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A happy St. Patrick’s Day and week. Welcome to the Grey House Journal. I’m here to say that if climate change and greenhouse warming aren’t real (a belief held by the person I was formally married to) then I’m a green parrot. I base this observation solely on my personal experience with the weather btw.

Photo Source.

Photo Source. Obligatory photo of a person wearing green.

So it’s mid-March and the high for Monday is supposed to be 85F (29C). Last Sunday, the high was 97F (36.1C) and the humidity was 3%. Can I just say that this is insane. Frankly, winter has skipped Southern California entirely this year and I feel cheated. I love our winters, it’s my favorite time of year here. (My apologies to those who have endured/are enduring polar vortex after polar vortex.)

Currently I’m sitting in a light T-shirt with pants of the same weight and fabric and I’m rather hot ’cause it’s 82F (27C) in the house right now at 3 PM. Since I want to resurrect my container garden I decided to check a website, “All Things Plants”, it lets you enter your zip code and it will produce a guide for what to plant and when. Found it last year in May, when I wanted to know when to plant tomatoes only to learn I was SOL…too late.

Tomatoes of the Past

Tomatoes of the Past.  This particular plant re-volunteered for four years.

I entered South Pasadena as a location, which is in the general area of where I live and I’m already too late! AAAUUUGGHH. There was another link on that site to “A Way to Garden.com” which has more info on the same. Essentially we can plant year round.

Tomato seedlings should have gone out as early as last September. Personally I disagree with that since it was still in the 100’s then. So I need to get my rear in gear and figure out the container/grill/umbrella arrangement out back. Hopefully my “assistant”, T. will have a few hours free this week or next to move pots around and go to Home Depot to pick up three to ? bags of potting soil to fill them up with.

Google is just remarkable. I suddenly thought “just how much soil will I need per pot?”. So googled “how much soil for container tomatoes” and found a slew of info. So now I need to go out tomorrow and measure the pots as well as decide on the arrangement.

Next, I wondered where I was going to get tomato plants without having to navigate a huge Home Depot store?” So I googled “tomato plants for sale” and voila, found another gaggle of sites. Overall, even with shipping, it’ll amount to maybe $10 extra over a trip to HD. That, quite frankly, is cheap to avoid traipsing all over HD.