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Okay, now I officially feel old. Just found out that Gloria Steinem turned 80 on Tuesday. OMG! Where did the time go? Seems like only a year or two ago, that she was declaring “this is what 40 looks like”. I didn’t need that first thing in the morning. Really. I didn’t.

Already I can see this post is going to be one of those “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” types just because I have a number of unrelated stories and links to share. First up:

I recently found an interesting site called BookBub.com. Every day you receive an email with about three to five links to e-books from Amazon for Kindle. Now I don’t have a Kindle but do have the app on my desktop computer. The limited time prices range from $3.99 to FREE. No affiliation by the way, just thought someone out there might like the link.

You can specify your preferences for the genre of books you prefer. So far, I’ve probably downloaded over 60 free books to my Kindle cloud! I may never get to them all, but they don’t cost me anything in money or computer storage and they’re not filling up my living space. Win-win.

This morning on Pinterest I found a link to an Amazon Kindle e-book that was also a freebie. If you click on “Photo Source” below the pic, you’ll be taken to Amazon where you can get the book for free (at least as of today). Again, no relation to Amazon or author, it’s free. 🙂

After my last post where I talked about CCD, only a day later, I found this.

A semi hauling “42,000 pounds of honey created “one sweet mess” when it overturned on the 605 Freeway on Monday afternoon, forcing the closure of four lanes through the city of Industry, Caltrans officials said.” What a shame, especially if we’re losing so many bees.

Late last May, I signed up at e-rewards.com for surveys. I didn’t use it till about six months later, but it’s very interesting. I’ve made $162.85 in rewards to date by taking a few surveys a week. They don’t take long and one gets points if you finish a survey. Even if you don’t you still get points just for trying to qualify.

This translates into real money. For example I could use $145 of my rewards for a $50 Starbucks gift card. Or $75 for a $25 e-gift card at Macy’s. I could also give to a charity like Kiva. For $40, e-rewards would provide a $100 loan to Kiva. There are other retail, music, restaurant, and travel partners too.

I’ve tried out a number of other survey sites, but they often require you to buy something to get points. Some send you info on a survey, but when you fill in the initial info, you’re not accepted so it’s a waste of time. Not so with e-rewards. So if you find yourself with time on your hands, check it out. I’m glad I did. Again, no affiliation.

Remember when I mentioned I was learning HTML and CSS online a few months back? Well, I just found a new education site, Coursera. It has 630 free courses. I’m looking at one from Stanford University called Computer Science 101. Yes, I probably know most of it since I’ve been using the internet since the mid ’80s but I thought I’d take a look especially since I’m completely self-taught.

This was my first Mac with a whopping 128K. !!! Since then I’ve pretty much stayed with Macs because of graphics. Although I did go to the “dark side” for ten years in the mid-90’s. Then I returned with a new iBook. Here’s a timeline of Mac’s life.

Image Source.

Image Source. Click on the “Image Source” link to get a better look.

Anyhow, as I said I might already know a lot of what will be covered in Computer Science 101, but it never hurts to look especially for free. The breadth of subject matter in Coursera is stunning. Some things sound extremely esoteric but then if you want to learn Ukrainian, you’ll find four classes. If you’ve thought of something you want to learn or brush up on, then you might have a look. Again no affiliation. I’m just always surprised at how much can be found online.