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Hi, hope all is well at your end of the internet. I haven’t written much in the last months about the weather. However, that is about to change. Sorry. And for those of you still dealing with a miserably hard winter, this won’t make you happy. But then again, it doesn’t make me happy either. So we’re even. Sort of.

The temps for yesterday were predicted to be in the upper 90’s. Specifically 99F (37+C). They’re also in the same range for today and tomorrow. This is mind-numbing since it’s only April 8. The temps inside yesterday got up to 83F (28+C). This is just too early for such hideously hot weather. I just had the heat on last week!

I wilt in the heat and truly hate perspiring. At least yesterday the humidity was only 16%. Sadly the wind was 1 mph so basically non-existant. Today’s humidity is only 12%. Auugh.

Photo Source.

Photo Source.  It’s just too early for this. Way too early.

I had hoped to revive my container garden by now and have the herbs and a patio tomato or two planted before hitting this kind of weather. Arrgh. Thursday and Friday should be in the low 90’s and then mid-80’s for the weekend. Still too hot for this time of year. At this rate I’ll never get the container garden going.

After my lightbox and excimer treatments today, I actually stopped on the way home and bought a desk fan. Seems I have to buy a new one every year. They just sort of croak by the end of our long summers and having to constantly run. If I start using this new one so early, I’ll probably have to buy another in July just to get through to November.

Also need to dig out my water-spritzer hand fan too. That was a lifesaver last August, September and October!

I’ll also have to ask the landlord to replace the window air conditioner in the bedroom. After seven years it’s pretty bad at producing cold air. It’s more like a glorified fan at this point. The number of BTU’s is too low for the space it’s to cover.

On a totally different note, I have another video to share with you. Wait till you see the expression on the little white dog’s face.
Darn, I’m doing something wrong and the link won’t show the video in this post, so just click on the link below.  It’s very short and very sweet.


Isn’t his face expressive? Poor little guy. Well, I hope you’re having a nice evening, bye for now.