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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI seem to have gone on vacation from my little blog here. No? Well, yes. Did you ever hit a point in life where you just shut down? That would have been me for the last few weeks or so. The amount of effort to get showered and dressed to go the the dermatologist’s light box two times per week has worn me thin. Plus I have to get groceries once a week which usually involves two stores. The toll taken on my knee has just become unbearable. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. It’s insane.

Then too, there was my upcoming birthday. You know, as the numbers rise, the fun of b-days sort of diminishes. You start looking at the end of the tunnel you’ve been unwittingly passing through and suddenly realize there’s not all that much more till you reach the end.

Maybe you’ve come across something like this in your life. You’re not alone. For four months I’ve been going through the get up, shower, dry hair, put on make up, do hair, get dressed and get out to the car more than three times a week vs. once. At a certain point, you just hit a wall. Add to that the two weeks of heat of hades that descended upon your life and you might just do what I did. Call the derm and cancel everything for a bit. It’s hard and I know I’m not alone.

Shoot, even bloggers take a break now and then. Something just kicks in and you lack the drive to “keep on truckin'”. So my birthday came and went yesterday. My friend S. surprised me with a greeting card, a little nosegay of roses and sweet peas from her rose garden and a Trader Joe’s gift card from her and my other friend FL. My brother who I didn’t think would remember surprised me with tulips…just gorgeous and a phone call. (Sorry about the messy kitchen countertop for the background of the photos)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Have I mentioned I LOVE tulips. Even over roses. Funny the person I was married to never got that despite all the hints I dropped. If he gave me the gift of flowers, it was always roses. Okay, nothing to sneeze at but still, I was a major fan of tulips. Maybe because in So Cal, the bulbs just don’t work. Ground never gets cold enough for them.

When we lived in the Midwest, I planted a batch every fall along with daffodils, hyacinth and crocus, just to name just a few. Each spring was more and more stunning and glorious when they all popped up. Sigh.

Anyhow, I apologize for my lengthy absence. But sometimes it just is what it is. That aside, I’ve gone from sitting at my desk wearing sweats and shawls cozied up to my little desktop heater to sitting wearing as little as possible, with a fan directly on me and the window air conditioner running full-tilt 24/7 back to this morning where I’m back in sweats and thinking about pulling the little heater back out. (Sorry about the run-on sentence.) Yes, that extreme. But I’ll gladly take the cold over heat any day. Sorry if spring hasn’t arrived in your neck of the woods.

Oh, and add to that the early explosion of confused plants spitting pollen out like there’s no tomorrow an entire month and a half early. My allergies have been through the roof. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve gone through three boxes of 200 count facial tissues vs. getting three weeks out of one box. Jeesh. We’re now on the second layer of lime green pollen coating everything. And no rain to wash it all down.

I take that back. Yesterday it did sprinkle. Just enough to dot my dusty car. I figure it’ll be over in a week or two and then I can have the car detailed. Why do it when I’ll just blink and it’ll be covered with pollen and shedding sprays that the two trees will deposit.

Still haven’t gotten my container garden up and growing, so I have to plan that in the next two weeks (hopefully). It kills me to pay $2.00 for a little plastic pack of herbs which never get completely used and wither in the fridge. I know this happens to almost everyone. But it still seems such a waste vs. just cutting what you need from a plant. Anyhoo, that’s about it for the moment. Hope you’re well and happy!