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Recently, while changing the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, I reflected on how much of the bar that goes through the inner core of the roll was showing. It gave me pause, because I’d swear a few years ago I was annoyed at how little space there was to get your fingers in to spring the roll into place. I pondered it for a few seconds then decided I was imagining things.



Well, I subscribe to “MoneyTalksNews.com”. It’s a website that has a lot of useful, informative and short articles on saving money and not just with coupons. Today, I checked it out and there was an article entitled “Americans May Be Expanding But Food Is Shrinking“. Guess what? I wasn’t imagining a thing! Manufacturers are cutting back on the amounts of product they put in cartons, bags and cans, etc. And toilet paper was one of them. For example, Charmin’s Ultra Soft rolls are now 3.92 inches wide vs. 4.27!


Hmmm? Space….

So I wasn’t imagining it! I then measured the store brand I buy and found it to be 4 5/16 inches wide. But it still leaves a lot of finger space. I remember way back when it really was tough to get a full roll off (yes, I’m one of those picky people that cares about whether the tail can be pulled from the top vs. from underneath so I have removed full rolls that someone else put on the holder going the “wrong” way). The article also noted that the rolls now have 164 vs. 176 sheets.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed such rip-offs in recent years. I don’t have the examples because I have more important info to retain in my brain, but it does obviously show a very sneaky, underhanded trend by companies to increase profits. You can check on the link above for the whole article and more examples of shrinkage. Manufacturers must think shoppers are really dumb. So much for any loyalty to brands on my part in the future.

On another note, the week before last, my car’s check engine light went on. But my mechanic was booked till last Tuesday. Luckily my friend S. could pick me up after I dropped my car off and take me home. I really didn’t want to rent a car since it would take three days. Well, $700 later…my radiator reservoir had cracked as had it’s cap. So that had to be ordered, changed out and pressure tested overnight.

The day before the appointment, I had the car washed. I’d been shamed into it by the grocery clerk who helped me out to my car last week. She commented “ick” with a disgusted look on her face when lifting the trunk to put groceries in. Of course she’s fairly rude to most customers anyways, but still. Embarrassing. Once all clean, I noticed that the paint had a lot of oxidation which means it’s time to get it detailed. Another expense. Don’t you love how that works?