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Hi and happy Friday to you! As I surf the internet, I often come across inspiring and thoughtful videos that touch my heart and on occassion necessitate the use of facial tissues (aka kleenex). I’ve collected quite a few and thought I’d possibly share them with you on a weekly basis. The thing is, I’d like your opinion and ideas on what to title these featured items…you know, like “Meatless Mondays” or “Friday Favorites” etc.  Some names I’ve come up with are “Friday Film Day” or “Films on Friday”. Or “Thoughtful Thursdays” or “Saturday Storytime”. Do the title have to have the same letters, like SS or FF? Maybe “Out of the Ordinary” or “Extraordinary Ordinary”?

Videos or photo stories would be similar to one I posted a while back:

Or it could just be something really cute like this one from an older post:

It could also be a story of redemption or inspiration like this link. It’s tales like this that move me to tears every time. But why not be moved by kindness, love and joy rather than war and hate? Random acts of faith and sharing and happiness restore my faith in humanity which is spread a bit thin of late with all the politicians and their posturing that’s currently in the news.

Or maybe only do a post once a month but have several videos/stories in it? Would such posts even be of interest to you or am I just blowing in the wind? Seriously, I won’t be hurt if it doesn’t appeal to you. Really! 🙂 I may still publish such links anyway but would like love your feedback. Thank you so much and have a lovely spring or early summer weekend and thank you for stopping by!

BTW, we can just ignore it’s Friday the 13th, okay? Only a few more hours to go here on the West Coast. Never been a big believer in this superstition, but why tempt the fates? 😉